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s 8,05pm and I thought it must be time to finish work for the day in my garden when everything took on a reddish hue,  One glance at the sky told me why.  I rushed for my camera and took those shots before it rained.

Hi happymarion

Some nice moody shots


Lovely Happymarion.  Isn't it a great feeling at the end of a day in the garden to just look up and wonder and think how lucky we are to see nature's natural work - for free!

Beautiful pictures happymarion!! I dabble a bit in watercolour painting do you mind if I use your photos as inspiration?

This was taken last year in the back garden,  havent had a decent one this year up to now.

<img id="fullSizedImage" style="width: 590px; height: 442px;" src="" alt="My 1st decent sunset of2010" />



I took this a few months ago...


Some very lovely sunset shots here. I especially like this last one byMarshmello.

Wow, Rain, it's worth the extra click to see that!


Thanks tattiebogle,  I was so impressed with it myself that I've had it made into an A2 size and framed and hangs with much pride in the hall.


Eddie J

One from last year.

And a twist on the theme to give a different perspective. The meteor strikes planet earth.


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