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Hello everyone I'm Lisa and I am new around here, I was made redundant a month ago and can't thank you all for helping me through some rubbish days.

I live in Nottinghamshire and we have an average sized garden and we are luck enough to live near a country park so lots of wildlife and I enjoy feeding and watching the many birds.

I am a novice gardener but watch GW and have done for many years but never had much of garden to tend to until we moved here 3 years ago.

I have learnt so much already from you all from recipes to planting techniques to what you want for christmas and its been great fun and brightened my days

Nice to meet you all and thank you again


As a newbie myself, your post really echoes with me. Also yours and many other posts talk of how much we all enjoy reading what others write. It also strikes me that many of the posts make me think how nice the people who write them seem to be. I read somewhere that gardeners are nice people and that it has something to do with how closely we work with nature and how this gives us some sort of understanding.

I have a long history of depression and I am aware how much gardening has helped me to get better, partly through the exercise and fresh air but mainly I think from a healing effect of contact with the soil and the cycle of life and death and the seasons.

I hope this doesnt sound like some kind of new age "hippyism", as I can assure readers that I am far removed from that.


You can join in all the posts you know.  New ideas etc are always welcome. Helps you to shake off the cobwebs 


Welcome, Lisa and Nigel, I love this site to, you can learn so much and let others know what you are doing, keep us in touch with your gardening acheivements, I am sure everyone would love to hear from you.

Caz W

Nice to meet you Lisa & Nigel - this site is very addictive.  Hope you will join in all the chat.  You will notice some stranger than usual names at the moment as quite a few posters have adopted festive names for December.





Hello Lisa and Nigel   This is a good place to spend some time isn't it .... and I thoroughly agree Nigel - I think that working with the seasons is very good for our emotional and physical health.  It's been basic to our evolution for milliions of years and suddenly mankind becomes dependent on artificial light and ignores the repeating patterns of life, and then wonders why everyone is struggling and getting depressed etc  .... 


Welcome aboard, Lisa and Nigel, and do feel confident to ask what you may think are silly questions that everyone except you knows the answer to. One valuable technique in meetings is to 'ask the dumb question', thus prompting the resident expert to recap the important points of a subject - much to the relief of everyone else at the meeting who have forgotten the details or who didn't understand it first time round.

Enjoy the board!



There are some very kind people who visit this enjoy

Asilvert, Nigelcoad, along with many of the gardeners on this board we learned the craft from older established gardeners who in my case had to feed extended families from their gardens small holdings. It was more the only way to do things was what gave results on the table at the right time of year.
We have gone through many reforms, fads, fashions, and now as times get hard once more it is back to the land, this trend is also giving people the taste of fresh food straight from the soil to the pot and a good thing too.
A lot of us have been on other boards that were not the gentle threads we have on here and I thank goodness most have long gone.
We do make people welcome, answer the repeat questions because the person asking needs to know and probably does not have time to scan back through a myriad posts for the answer.
Even old gardeners make mistakes and learn from them, I still read or re-read my own gardening books, there is always something new or that you missed, if you do find it is not working then think about it try another way or ask on here, someone has the answer.
So welcome to a band of brothers and sisters who's lives are probably poles apart but have the one thing in common a love of gardening.



I've been gardening for 40 years or more. Still asking questions. Still finding out things that are obvious once you know.

Pennine Petal
Welcome Lisa and Nigel, we love newcomers and more people to chat to. Looking forward to seeing some photos of your gardens in the future.

Hi Nigel, and thank you all for the lovely warm welcome.

Its lovely to find like minded people, unfortunately my family aren't gardeners and I've had to learn from trial and error with more errors .  We bought our house because of the size of the garden and the sheds and greenhouse that came with it but had a lot to do to clear the weeds and rubbish. Nothing did very well in the greenhouse this year but next year I'm planning to have a go at vegetables and salad crops so will need all the help and advice I can get  



After a mini makeover this is part of the garden (in the summer).  Still have lots to do and have some slopes and things to deal with with and some privacy issues but the OH bought me the RHS Complete Manual and I have some plans for the spring


Aslivert......your pond is beautiful. I'm SO envious Your waterfall is to die for. Bye the way, has your mermaid got a friend who would like to lounge around by my pond?!

I really am looking forward to more pictures next year, roll on the spring, only 12 weeks to March!




What a lovely thought - 12 weeks till March

Hello everybody........ I have often read the pages this site.  I am not a beginner gardener but nowhere near a expert one.I Have an allotment and have in the past thoroughtly enjoyed working the ground but this yesr with all the rain and the plague of snails in the potatoe area (all were useless for cooking).  No blight but the awful snigs!!  I just got so fed up that I haven't been down to do any work for about 2 months.  Has anyone else felt like this.  I await with bated breath for a reply.


Hi Jonus, welcome

I've arranged for us all to have a proper summer next year



Thankyou kindly lady.  I am going to root out my suncream!  What do I do with my plot in the meantime.  Should I leave it until the new year, which is my ideal, or are there any suggestions.


I go out and do a bit of  tree/bush surgery in winter otherwise I leave it alone. I'd get compacted wet soil, I'd walk on the bulbs as they come through and get I'd cold.

I do go out every day and look around; see what buds are swelling, if the snowdrops are through (they are), feed the birds, paddle in the flooded parts of the garden. But that will do.