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Thanks all for your welcome. I have been away in Glasgow so have only just seen your messages. For everyone who lives in Glasgow you have a wonderful city and you are all so friendly!

I really hope to go again some day.


Hello and welcome back Daydaisy   

We have friends who used live in Glasgow - we visited rarely, but  always had a great time when we did.   Glad you enjoyed your trip 


Thanks Dove, the Botanical gardens are well worth visiting and would be even better in the spring. The  domes are good to brouse around too and all this is free as are the wonderful museums and art galleries! 


Our friends (both artists) lived just a couple of minutes walk from the Botanical gardens  -  such a shame that they moved away from there   


Glad you enjoyed your visit, daydaisy and enjoyed the friendliness of the Glaswegians

Did you visit the Kelvingrove Art Gallery?



Hello Joyce, yes I did visit the Kelvingrove museum and Art gallery and what a wonderful experience that was. I feel that I need another week to see it all.

My Glaswegian friend was delighted at my enthusiasm for the city of her birth and knew all the places that I visited.

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