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Billy Goat

That's Monty done till March!

Hopefully there will be some repeats of some gardening programs on through the winter season

Details of new gardening programmes for the winter .... 
Catherine Mansley wrote (see)

Hi all,

Just a quick note to say there is a new gardening TV series starting on Monday 9 December, 7pm on BBC2, called the Great British Garden Revival. It runs for a week in December (Monday-Friday) and then returns for a week in January (Monday-Friday, 6-10 January, 7pm, BBC2). 

It features Monty Don, Joe Swift, Carol Klein, Rachel de Thame, James Wong, Chris Beardshaw, Toby Buckland, Charlie Dimmock, Sarah Raven, Tom Hart Dyke, Christine Walkden, Alys Fowler, Diarmuid Gavin and Matt James. Each episode is themed around two different styles or aspects of gardening and there's footage from some beautiful gardens around the country, many of which are open to the public.  

In the first episode, Monty is celebrating wildflowers from Pensthorpe Nature Reserve and Joe Swift is sharing his tips for front gardens from an award-winning street in Tyne and Wear.

There's also a new TV series called Grow, Make, Eat, about allotment growing, which is currently scheduled to start early next year.

Hopefully these will help fill the gap until Gardeners' World and The Beechgrove Garden return.  

Catherine Mansley, features co-ordinator, Gardeners' World Magazine






Sad to see Monty go.

I'm wishing him a healthy winter, see you in the spring


I've nearly a hundred recordings of various gardening programs on my PC going back to 2005 so I'm all set - having a freesat/freeview TV card in the computer is really handy!


Bob would you copy March to July for me as I missed these 

I only just started watching GW this year I could even send you some CD or pay you for this service ?? PM me with details 





Hi James, Unfortunately I haven't got any recordings of the last few series of GW.  To be frank I don't enjoy it as much as I used to so I don't bother recording it anymore.


there are lots of old gardening programmes on You Tube. Some better quality than others.

No more Nigel either - my Friday evenings just won't be the same

I think Nigel might be getting his own series soon


Lot more talent than several people on TV...

clueless have you checked the iplayer, they sometimes leave the entire series available for viewing.


I'd like to see more of Carol's cat as well as Nigel. Perhaps they should have a Gardeners' Pets programme?


Will my newts be eligible clk?


Newts are good too nutcutlet but not as cute



I'll send them on a cute newt training course.



I think that will be down to directors/producers or whatever TV programmes have, David


I have read somewhere that Monty Don will be taking over Chelsea coverage from Alan Tichmarsh  next year, and that Alan has declined to take a smaller part in the coverage.  Is this true, does any one know.  I would miss Alan's knowledge and presenting skills.

P.S.  I am in the Nigel fan club!  Could offer a couple of knobbly toads to the pet show.