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Sue H
Yes I know that they grow up and return. (Have other older children too!)

Just going to cook meals to help themselves to.

In summer and when there is warmer weather I am going to get outside into my garden. In winter I will cook very large meals to make up for it! x

Brilliant news, thank you so much David, it would have completely passed me by!

I missed this one too - made a note to myself to set the 'generic digital recorder' for next week!  Thanks All


Just watched A-Z on iplayer, missed it in Radio times etc.

Thoroughly enjoyed it. Practical garden help and what to aspire to


I watched it yesterday and went out today and bought a very young Allium flower. Naughty me.



Brilliant..!!  well worth watching


Yes, well spotted David.

No advertising about it previously.

Have just watched the first one on i-player & really cheers you up on a wet & dark winter's afternoon.  J.


I found it by accident too - AWOL Radio Times so checked the schedule online, spotted it and stuck it on the planner.

I really enjoyed it, I particularly liked the follow ups, we saw Alys do her apple graft and then 6 weeks later when she checked to see if they had taken - that seems to be missing in today's GW.

I am also narked that I have probably weeded lots of Allium seedlings as Alan T said they look like grass.

And the gorgeous mini gardening god Chris Beardshaw...I could even tolerate Toby after that excitement!


I can watch it through my Wii as you can get IPlayer on there now the next one is on at 08.45 Sunday so get up early 

Steve the Gardening Vet

Thanks for the heads up on this, just watched it over lunch and found it very educational!

I wonder if I can graft another type of pear onto my tree...

The one thing they didn't mention is what time of year is best?

Remember A to Z of TV gardening programme on tomorrow morning on TV or on Iplayer Letter B


Iplayer doesn't work in France.


Superb - oh what a lovely colour Alys' beetroot soup was. and that lovely beetroot wine and what an inspiration the blind allotmenteer was and his clubroot free brassicas and those birds getting foreign names nd - but everyone must watch it.  Such a good program.

Thanks David K shame I like growing beans may be come under french beans letter F or runner beans letter R hope so. I will have to watch it yet on Iplayer sounds interesting though, from what you all have been saying, but good on beetroot side I will try again on growing them  Thanks


Pennine Petal
It's a bit of a pick and mix, isn't it, but very welcome to get us inspired. I seem to recall having seen some bits in other programmes previously, I have seen the apple tree item previously.

What a boon it iplayer is!