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Verdun wrote (see)
I'm special me.
Everyone's different to me.
Nobody thinks like me
Only I know what I'm thinking
There's no better or worse version of me anywhere


 We're all learning all the time no matter how much we think we know, and there's always someone who has a little snippet of info or a tip to pass on that we can add to our mental notebook.

As Dudley Moore once said  'Good taste is what everyone thinks they have'. He was talking about music of course, but it can easily be applied to gardening and lots of other things. As long as WE like OUR gardens that's what really matters doesn't it?

And we can always have our rants on GG's thread!

I think sweet p has it about right about the average gardener.
Cant better that really.

I'd hate to be called the "average gardener", its like being branded "normal".

I am unique.......a unique gardener.


Yes, I think sweetp has it. Who wants to be average? not me


I'm not average because I live in France! I read an article in magazine that said all ex-pats are a bit strange because "normal" people don't leave their country. But, it was my OH's (at that time) idea and I propbably would have gone back to England if my children weren't living in France. But I don't want a French garden full of topiary! I want flowers and lawns!


The potty gardener

The average gardener- 49.5% of  gardeners have more gardening knowledge than them  and 49.5% have less knowledge


Brumbull, is this an English garden?



So have we decided that 'the  average gardener' isn't particularly interested in gardening?  Is that what we are saying?


So why do people keep complaining that GW  isn't catering for the average gardener? 

An average gardener is someone who is growing IE in knowledge as time goes on and which each season learns from the past year to plane for the new one .

Hence A good average gardener grows and is a good observer  A bad average gardener never grows ( in his knowledge) and never notices.

Why do you think they have so many experts on panels because all have different experiences to make one good expert.

GW by the look of the adverts in the magazine is not catering for the average man but a very well of man, certainly not for the average size garden or gardener. 

The average gardener in the experts eye is someone with deep pockets. and at least 1/4 of an acre 





I think they're probably trying to cater for everyone - a beginner and the more experienced gardener - those with a little urban courtyard and those with an acre or so, and all the different sized plots in between, as well as those who rent an allotment, so that in each programme we can each find inspiration somewhere.  

Possibly they don't always succeed, but someone, somewhere a long time ago once came to the conclusion that you can't please all the people all of the time.

The adverts in the magazine have nothing to do with the editorial content of the programme or the magazine 

Gardening Grandma

I think GW is trying to cater for the average gardener - and that's the problem, because it is such a wide and ill-defined term. All they can do is to try to provide something for everyone, as Dove has pointed o most of theut. So none of us will be satisfied all the time or perhaps even time. I still love it for trying and for showing me growing things looking beautiful.


Very dare anyone try to shoehorn such a creative, obsessive, artistic and diverse group of individuals into a niche. However..I still love GW (and Beechgrove) and am just glad that we HAVE a gardening prog back on our screens.


Gardening Grandma

The rather garbled post above in my name is because I am having to use an ancient laptop whose cursor leaps everywhere. Apologies for not checking properly.



I think it's me that's ancient not the laptop -that's the problem!


I have to agree with a lot of the posts about 'averageness' (-is that a word?!)  We have different plots, different experience, different lives etc, and so we  take different 'bits' from G's W or any other programme/magazine. It can't cater for every eventuality. no programme or magazine can. Learning new bits and pieces about our chosen hobby or interest is surely what we all get from it.

Or just admiring the pictures of other people's plots and going 'ooh I wish I had that'!


Average is so vague isn't it?

I think anyone;

- who enjoys their garden and knows what they like - a weed is only a plant on the wrong place

- suffers from a little bit of backache on a Monday morning

- knows they've had a great weekend if they've got dirt under their finger nails

- spends more in the garden centre than they do on new clothes

I'm glad to be average!!

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