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I often see reference on here to 'the average gardener' and I'm not sure I know what one of those is - are you one?

If not, what do you think one is like?

Can we come up with a Identity Kit for an Average Gardener?

Sue H
Average - sounds like someone who mows grass every Sunday, pulls weeds, not much imagination! !
All power to the above average gardener

I agree Dove,  we need to define what average is. Here's my definition of an average gardener:

Can identify plants that are in your garden

Know that aspect, soil type and watering regime are important

Know the definition of a weed

Know which bugs are good and which aren't so good

Know the difference between organic and inorganic fertilisers

Any other suggestions?


Sue H
That is not entirely true. In theory anyone who does anything in a garden is a gardener. Someone who is not a gardener never does anything in a garden.



An average includes those at each end of the scale, so it could be anything from the Sunday lawn mower to someone like Chris Beardshaw or Carol Klein!

Sue H
I suppose an average gardener has a basic knowledge of somethings. Not sure they would enter the organic/non organic idea. Would gain plant food and pesticide knowledge from the back of the packet. Most people who contribute to this forum do not fall into this category.

My definition of an average gardener would be someone who knows some basic information about some plants and gardening but isn't advnced or an expert. Since you may be be an advanced or expert gardener in a partucular area or certain cultivars, you may still be the average gardener when it comes to a new plant or project. I wouldn't agree that an average gardener has no imagination or just pulls weeds, they may be a budding expert with little or no time to do what they are secretly aching to do.


I think an average gardener is not as knowleable as Quercus suggests -

I don't think they would necessarily know what the soil is and maybe not the aspect.

I think they would know their plants, buy for fashion,would therefore know about flowers for bees, and maybe have a go ay some bveggies.

but then some people would say they are any gardener in this Forum


There's average ability, average size, average experience, average taste, average resources, average conditions, average bank balance  ......

Is an average gardener the same as an average cook? People cook as a daily chore, or as a passion to produce something.special or to make a tasty everyday meal. Where does "average" fit in?
Average is a funny word because, when applied to people, none of us is average.
It's a mathematical description not a human one
When someone just cuts the grass because he needs to, when he kills the weeds because they are "taking over" or when he plants something to give a "bit of colour" is he an "average" gardener.
Does style come into it? Is it about keenness? Someone fills his garden with summer annuals on a whim? he suddenly a keen gardener rather than an average one?

My point exactly Verdun 


And yet people keep wanting GW to cater for 'the average gardener' 

Who dat den? (ha ha)
Gardening Grandma

An excellent point, Verdun, that 'average' is a mathematical term, not a human one. I guess, in this context, 'average' means the mass of people in the middle of the spectrum who are not experts but whho do take an interest in their gardens. I imagine that those people are exactly who GW is designed for, but it convers such a wide spectrum that no-one is completely satisfied.


I'm definitely exceptional!  

Larger than average garden, colder winters than average Brit winters and more than average interest in plants though learning to go for good doers now rather than waste more money on the rarer ones that can't cope.    Still lots to learn and do and enjoy.


I'm special me.
Everyone's different to me.
Nobody thinks like me
Only I know what I'm thinking
There's no better or worse version of me anywhere
flowering rose

some one who enjoys gardening no matter what .

It's partly about knowledege but for me also about time, space and money.

Clearly the GW presenters have more time and space (and possibly money) to devote to their gardening, also a far greater degree of knowledege and expertise.  The trick is for them to use all of this to inspire and inform the rest of us, which they do pretty well.

Like many people I dream of being able to retire before I am totally knackered, with sufficient money to be able to have a bigger garden. Perhaps then I will be an above average gardener by my own definition!


sweet p

I think an 'average' gardener is someone who keeps their garden tidy, buys bedding plants every year from the supermarket, plants them out too early and wonders why they don't flourish. They like their garden to look nice but don't have enough interest to find out more. I don't think the 'average gardener' has a passion for gardening , which is a shame , they don't know what they're missing