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Hi now we have the allottment ready for next year as this is our first time at allottmenteering,  can anyone recomend what flowers we can grow at each end of the raised veg beds , i know some flowers like marrygolde help keeping unwanted stuff away from your crops so if i can help the local widlife and the bee hive in the next field and get some help as well we,ll be happy, we have already built a 4foot deep small pond hopeinjg for frogs and toads to help keep the slugs etc down and are now planning for next year any help please 


Hello 4711 - Poached Egg plants (Limnanthes) would be good as would herbs like Lavender Oregano,Marjoram and Thyme when they flower Bees prefer single flowers to doubles.If you have a little bit of ground to spare you could grow Sunflowers and Cosmos which bees love

Pam LL x 

Alina W

Antirrhinums are another bee favourite.


many thanks fr that all good luck Alan4711

hollie hock

Agree that Anrirrhinums are a plant that bees love, they are all over them.I've heard that Nastursians(sorry about the spelling) are good companion plants to grow. As well as Calendula. Maybe some wallflowers as well. Have to stop myself here as I'm a flower grower and not veg


flowering rose

marigolds and nasturtiums attract black fly from eating your crops,garlic will help too although not a flower.


Hi ,again more info is good ,were going to put all these around the beds and were growing garlic to try to make up that mediterranean salad garlic in oil and herb  mix that cost a fortune in the  deli,so its all helping nice one many thanks and more if anyone has any

good luck


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