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Deanos Diggin It

Hi elsie123! You've not got a problem planting em in ya basket's, but I would advice you leave your basket's inside a greenhouse or somewhere frost free until all fear of frost as passed! I generally begin to harden off my outdoor tomato's in early May! n plant out late May beginning of June weather depending!! Nothing better than a sun warmed tomato picked from the plant in eaten straight away! Good luck with em!! 

oh thanks for that dean lovett will do


Wow! It's looking incredible. I'll have to take my camera up next time it's not bogging down!

Deanos Diggin It

Hi Sandra! Yeah! Honking it down up here too, which is olding me back slightly. Managed to get my first n second early potatoes in back end n beggining of this week, but have two tray's of maincrop I need to get in, n the forcast ain't looking too good for the next few day's either! But hey! Let's be glad of the wet stuff all things concidered!

Wow your allotment looks fab!! We got our about 4/5 weeks ago and have a few bits planted so far. U look like u have spent a fair bit on it! I am trying to be a budget allotmenteer so we tend to use what we have so far. It's great though isn't it. I enjoy it so much. Trying to keep the kids interested so they each have a raised bed. Only prob we hav so far is weather and those pesky birds!!!!! Everything covered with net. Going down there today to set up some sort of scarer! Happy gardening!
Deanos Diggin It

Hi AllotmentMax! 

Yeah! Got mine at the beginning of the year, I say mine! but share it with a good friend, and believe it or not, up to press we have both had about £200 each in it! n the best part of that was in the 4 ton of gravel n the 4 ton of top soil we had delivered, n the rest like the shed, fencing, planting boxes n raised beds were begged n borrowed from various places. (We are both lorry drivers) So we, like yourself, are trying to apply the mend n make do approach! n yeah! It is great! Hard work! But I love it!! and with planting time just around the corner (Being in West Yorkshire, it's slightly colder up here) I can't wait!!! Good luck with yours! n above all else, Enjoy!!   


Well done to you Dean Lovett! An incredible amount of dedication and hard work is shown in your pictures, you deserve a beer! Best of luck to you and your friend

Deanos Diggin It

Thanks ws! Beleive me! Many a beer as been shared with my friend at packing up time as we ponder over our hard work! n hope ya resolved ya Pampus Grass issue! Lol! I regulary check in n see what's going on with yourself, Geoff n the crew! Class me as the silent type! Lol!!!!  

Dean Lovett that is no way an allotment; it's a landscaped garden! I may have a little allotment envy of course!

It's pretty darn impressive. I had a nasty shock the other day - nine of our sheds were broken into - nothing terrible done, just low level petty stuff, but it was a pain in the proverbial anyway. 

And the weeds since this rain - gah!


Deanos Diggin It

Hi Sandra! Yeah! I must admit I am pretty impressed myself with the way it is taking shape! (not wanting to sound self conceited of course!!) n yeah! We too have a problem with vandalism on our site! Fingers crossed, up to press, we haven't, but I have resigned myself to the fact it will happen one day! n I will be gutted! But we try to deter by not leaving anything of any value down there! See how we go! Was hoping to get the greenhouse in this weekend gone, but on partially assembling it we were a few bits missing! (How annoying is that!) But the suppliers upon contact said they would dispatch asap! So eagerly awaiting the courier this week! Oh! n the  greenhouse was a freeby for a favour done! So ya see! I am trying to keep in scope Lol! But I need it desparatly so I can transfer all the Veg to the allotment! My home greenhouse is bulging! n I need to get the rest of my summer bulbs in!

Deanos Diggin It

Hi Pink Heather! Don't be envious! We are willing to share!  You are more than welcome to BBQ with us this summer! Lol!! Freshly picked Sweetcorn smothered in butter! or Spaghetti squash done in an earth fire pit oozing with garlic butter! Oh yeah! Bring on the summer!!

Hi pink Heather. I too had allotment envy at first, but as long as we all enjoy the space we have that's all that matters. Dean and his mate hav done a great job tho. Weather was great today, a real warmer here for all our veggies, so couldn't resist an evening visit to our plot! My garlic has been eaten!!!!! Down to about an inch. Some say it's birds and some say a rabbit may hav got in the gate. Pesky things. We managed to set up some shiny flappy scarer to stop them again and everything else is covered at the mo. What a pain
Deanos Diggin It

Another bit done! Although it did our heads in!!

@AllotmentMax, The Greenhouse was GIVEN!! to me as return of a favour! So cost nothing either! Lol! 

Hi again Dean, greenhouse great.  Today's weather has been ok apart from a chilly wind.  Managed to get a bit of time to bank up the spuds.  May be cold tonight so covered up a few bits and pieces.  Got a few other bits on the go such as courgettes etc but want to wait till weather warms up (if ever!). 

What you gonna plant in that greenhouse of yours?  I have loads of sweet peas, stocks, lupins for autumn, toms, cucumbers.  Cosmos and dahlias too, but daren't plant any out just yet.  My tiny greenhouse will soon be bursting at the seams if weather stays cold.