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Deanos Diggin It

Having been awarded a new allotment, I have been a very busy person this last few weeks! But my sweat (n lot's of it!!) n tears (when I hit my thumb with the hammer n dropped the rotovater on my foot) are now finally beginning to fall into place! n I have loved every minute of it! I really can't believe in 5 weeks I have turned this plot from a waist high weed infested baron piece of ground to what it is as I locked the gate n came home at half four this afternoon! Well Chuffed with myself!! n must admit that the comments from a lot of other allotment olders only encourages me more!! Tried to upload some pictures but saying they are too large! now I know Happy Marion earlier in the year was having problems with this! So Daniel Hayes!! Help me out please!! I can remember you giving her direction to fix the problem!! Coz I would love to share with the other guy's n gal's who have all been awarded new plot's the encouragement to not give in!!!! 

what is an allotment? serious question

Deanos Diggin It

Dave! Don't know if ya are refering to waiting lists etc!!  But yeah! I am counting myself lucky in the fact I live North!! But hey!! I waited 3 years!! Which is why this plot is getting all the attention it needs!!

Hey Dean - I just got my second allotment in January after waiting 8 years (had to give my old one up when I moved) so I know that feeling of pure joy. Good luck - it's a fabulous thing to do. 


Deanos Diggin It

Hi Sandra!! 8 YEAR'S!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's ridiculous! I'd have given up the will to live by then!! n yeah! I am really enjoying it! Can't believe how friendly and approachable all the other allotment holders are too, so yeah! am really looking forward to this growing season! Bring it on!! n all the best to you n yours too!! 

david spikes wrote (see)

what is an allotment? serious question

Hi there, Allotments are very British, I throw back to the war ( I think) very prized,but very cheap if rented of the council. Basically a large piece of land that you can rent & grow want you want

Hi Dean - actually, I'm considered a bit of an upstart for only having waited 8 years. The average is 12. One person I spoke with last week waited 15. I guess that's what comes of living in a  city where all the plots have been built on...

But it's just heavenly - as wonderful as I always imagined it would be when I used to walk past and look down at all the plotholders having tea together. Ahhhh...

Shed arrives Thursday. Can it get any better?

Yay! Looks great! Those raised beds look incredible. I've just forked out for the shed, so the raised beds will have to wait 'til next year (and the shelves for said shed are having to wait until this bloomin' rain stops. Mind you at least I don't have to water by hand at the moment (hosepiep ban...)

Deanos Diggin It

Hi Sandra! Yeah! All falling into place lovely! n thanks!! Been hard work though, but loved every minute!! n yeah!! Tried to be the the proper allotmenteer n set into practice the mend n make do attitude! So have bummed! (soz! Prob shouln't use that phrase on here) the shed from a work collegue who was upgrading his! Wants staining, but all in time! the fencing which since this photo is now just about half way around the plot was begged from a place I deliver too! (the joy's of being a lorry driver!!) n the raised bed's were pallet collars from another place I collect from!! So up to press I'm more or less now't out! Well apart from a bit of sand n cement!!! So yeah!! Loving it!!!

Hi Dean & Sandra2. I got my 1st allotment in January, I've had so much fun don't know what I did with my time before. It was knee high in weeds and worst wicks but i'm getting there. Also got the shed up, and a water collecting system.Looking forward to doing so many things this summer, got some plants in and it looks good, but more than anything it has got me into talking to my fellow gardeners, and that's really good. Open to all advice you can give. I got my plot for £10 per year with deposit for key is that good ? I have no idea the cost of such things

Yeah got my 1st allotment last month only waited 11 months £35 a year and £5 deposit for key. Anyone know of any free allotment programs for computer

Oh heavens - am I jealous of you two - my four rod plot is £80 a year! I guess the only suggestion I can make from my last allotment is not to try to do everything all at once - if necessary cover over a part of it with old carpet or black plastic for a year while you get to grips properly with a part of it. And don't be too hasty to clear everything if you even suspect you might have some permanent stuff in there - I accidentally dug up an asparagus crown - they take years to establish. I've now left the whole bed for a year, just in case there's more in there...


Deanos Diggin It

Hi Guy's! £27.20 plot rent n £20.00 water = £47.20 but recently had notice that next years plot rent will be increasing to £36.30 n £20.00 water = £56.30. But hey! no price can be put on a bit of peace n tranquility! Sandra! Seen this phrase "Rod" being brandished this last few week! What exactly does it mean? 

ruby3! Look's like you got your plot for a steal at £10.00 a year! Good luck with it! n as Sandra say's! Don't try do it all at once!

Craig! I don't know of any programs for PC, But if ya have a smart phone there is an RHS, grow your own app ya can download which when ya select different plants/veg that ya want to grow in your garden, it actually gives ya timely reminders of what to do when! Pretty good! n good luck with yours too!

A rod is an old English form of measurement that, I believe, is really only used in measuring allotments these days. It seems to be highly inaccurate if you ask me as all plots seem to be slightly different sizes on my site (probably they started out accurate and got wonky over time) but one rod is effectively a little over five metres and it's also known sometimes as a 'perch'.

I have a feeling that modern councils are getting rid of the rod and it seems a bit of a shame. However arcane, there's something rather romantic about a council sending me a bill for rental of a piece of land measured in Ancient Roman units...

Emma Crawforth

Hello Dean Lovett,

I've just seen your allotment photo. It looks fantastic. Well done. Time to get planting now!

Emma team

rosie plum

my husband just does not understand the obsession and joy i get from gardening...well done on getting your allotment its looking great!!!i too build beds from scraps of wood and from pallets..if you just paint them a dark brown they look from the city too but am living now in the country on an almost 1acre plot and it is still heaven after 7yrs...heavy clay and stony ground so im still battling and always ask for compost for birthdays lovely to find this site and see all the great likeminded chitchat!!!my blood runs cold to see whole gardens paved over and my country neighbours who dont appreciate what they have with only enormous lawns and no planting..they think im mad but i disagree!!!!keep posting pictures of the transformation!!!!

Yes - I'd like to see some more too! I can totally understand asking for compost for birthdays, but there are lots of non-gardenypeople who just don't get it. I end up with a lot of cutesy gadgets and garden ornaments that are sweet but ultimately a bit useless!