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Gary Hobson

We have often seen new posters start threads, with a view to advertising their products.

But that did not happen in this case. This thread was started by a well known regular poster, with a bone fide question.



We get that bit Gary-

It is the endorsments that seem iffy

Georg Faust wrote (see)
Dovefromabove wrote (see)

Mr Milne's link doesn't work for me...

Dovefromabove wrote (see)

... - my children don't call me Miss Marple for nothing.

The reason why Mr Milne's link apparently 'doesn't work', is very simple. There should be 2 n's in canny, rather than the 3 quoted.

Perhaps Miss Marple needs to visit Specsavers, or learn to spell.

 Not my spelling mistake Georg - Mr Milne posted the link!  I presumed he knew his own business website - slapdash.  

And don't be cheeky -  Miss Marple has been to Specsavers and had her new glasses on!!!


I have decided I won't be ordering anything from this catalogue

Pam LL x


I too received a mail shot from this firm - which I had not previously heard about. A quick search of company and director information confirms that this is a very new business with directors who specialise in direct marketing.

I called them to ask where they recieived my name from and was told they had bought in lists of people who had ordered plug plants over the last few years. I pointed out the I always indicated that I did not want to recieve material from associated companies (not sure who Canny Gardener could be associated with) and that I was also registered on the Mail Preference service. 

I said that I would be in touch with the MD directly and then I found this thread which he has apparently contributed to; STEP SOLUTIONS who own site name must have purchased this name list or bought it with them from a previous employer and, without knowing a lot more about the track record of the individuals, I will not be ordering from them.

I do object to this aggressive buying of lists of names.


 Colin Bb










They will have Googled themselves following their mailshot to see if anyone was talking about them and found this thread and decided to use it to market themselves, posting phony recommendations - not good practice IMHO  and I would imagine they'll find it turns out to be counterproductive - I won't be ordering from them them anyway.

muddy mare

me too makes me smile


Anthony Milne wrote (see)

Appologies I mis-typed our web site url in a previous post, somehow I inserted  an extra N. It should have been

There is only one "p" in apologies

Strange how Mr Milne has ignored all the comments on the blatant marketing ploys and still continues to use this site as a free advert-that is going well

Oh and the link still dosen't work-it gets better and better

The orders must be flooding in


And in the link he's just posted above, he's mis-spelt  'gardener '!  And he tells us he has a degree in horticulture so it can't be ignorance - so yet again he's been slapdash '-  that's three times on this thread! - doesn't inspire confidence does it?  


I would quite happily report this marketing to the moderator for a decision-but I feel it is best left on here for other to read

Didn't see that spelling mistake-might be all part of the master plan


Contrary to popular opinion, I can spell! 

There are all sorts of underhand practices undertaken by some in the name of 'marketing' nowadays.  

Apparently Mr Milne used to be involved with Gardening Direct - those people who received mailshots from him trading as The Canny Gardener - have you previously dealt with Gardening Direct and did you give them permission to sell your details on?

Very interesting reading - I too recived the mailshot and hadn't ever heard of them. I was tempted by prices but 1. wondered if real companey (as sound a bit too good to be true) and 2. was concerned as to how they got my details (thus googling them and finding this thread ... tho I was also looking for the website which the cat. said had more cultivars on it). However when looking through the C G cat. I noticed that the hardy fuchsia's were not just the same var. as in the gardening direct cat., but the exact same photo's, (thus showing a link between business). So not supprised that Mr Milne is an ex-employee, esp. since there looks to have been a change in Gardening Direct, with them now doing much more perenials and not just plugs - something I'd put down to them being run by Jersey Direct or Plants or something (read it on last cataulog having not noticed it before). I know Gardening Direct and unless they go down-hill in service or up in price will stick with them for the mo. But I will keep an eye on the canny gardener as the trays sound good, and the prices competative, so may be an option when there's been plenty of good reviews.

And before anyone say's it  - I  KNOW  I can't spell but I'm dyslexic so i am bound to get things wrong.


Gthegardener wrote (see)

And before anyone say's it  - I  KNOW  I can't spell but I'm dyslexic so i am bound to get things wrong.


This is not the sort of forum that picks up people on spelling and grammar-on the whole most are a friendly lot-there is a spell checker built in on the message bar if that is any use to you.


Hiya Gthegardener. Don't worry about the spelling...we arent at school now. For what,it's worth you made good sense. I get told off on this forum sometimes for not using smileys. As long as the intention is to be friendly and helpful that's what matters. If you do keep an eye on the canny gardener and find its ok let us know please.

Hmm, their customer service address is a PO Box number which I think is a bit strange. The spelling mistakes on their website might mean they are trading from abroad, Holland perhaps.

E bah gum lad!