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Well I eventually have had a reply to my email. They've offered me a full refund on the rubbish begonias and they're dealing with the issue of the missing petunias - whatever that means. They were unable to cancel the remainder of my order and 120 medium Triploid marigold plugs turned up this morning. And, to be fair, I have to say that they are very healthy and in remarkably good shape - very much better shape than their woeful customer services outfit!

Whi do you guys buy online i dont dont trust the internet i hop into the car and go to the G/C  that will probely start trouble

The potty gardener

I enjoy going to GC to see what they have but also buy a fair bit online. Almost everything I have ordered has been of excellent quality and packed beautifully.

You can order from specialist nurseries and get things that you will not find in many if any GCs

There are some exceptionally good nursery sites on line and usually with brilliant customer service. I don't think it's reasonable to dis the whole concept of buying on line on account of the odd poor trader. But it's certainly useful to be aware of what's best avoided

Have spent a lot of money this year with The Canny Gardener and must say that ALL the plants that have arrived have been first class and well packaged. OK a couple of deliveries were a week or so late but at least I was informed and caused no problem. I think its worth remembering that when things come through the post a chance of dammage is always a possibility, but to be fair The CG products come in sturdy poly boxes and well labeled. I will continue to purchase from them in the future as I have found them as good if not better than all the previous companies I have used.


The potty gardener

It seems really funny to me but everyone who says they have had good service from the company are not regular contributers to the forum. When you hover over them they have only posted once.

Mmm, I wondered that as well, Bev.  However, it seems that pigs DO fly from time to time as this morning I've received an e-mail from Canny Gardener apologising for the delay in sending out my order and informing me that it has been cancelled as requested and my payment will be refunded.  And my latest credit card account shows that they did refund a payment in respect of the 40 odd damaged plants which I received in April, so at least I'm not out of pocket, although the plants I have received earlier are still not as far on as I would have hoped. We live and learn.

I thought I would try out the Canny Gardener this year but made the mistake of giving them too large an order. The majority of small plug pansies did not survive due I think, in my opinion, that they were not strong enough when they were sent out. Very few of the 150 survived and of the replacements they sent, about 50 survived.  This was after transplanting them into trays using John Innis soil. 10 out of 60 Lobelia Medium were crushed on arrival.  Of the 60 Geraniums only 52 survived the transplant into trays. All other items ordered were at least one or two dead in theirf trays. The last plants to arrive - 12 Jumbo Hardy Fuschias - the package was badly damaged by Royal Mail and delivered to me in a plastic bag. One plant was missing and the rest had shed their leaves and in a very poor condition. When I telephoned Canny Gardener Customer Service I was told there was nobody available to talk to me and to leave a message and they would endeavour to get back to me in 72 hours (3 days!!) I also emailed them and received the same promise.  It is now past 72 hours and I have still not heard anything ferom them. It's all very well to have fancy postal boxes but a lot of the plants I received were not in good condition and I have to say that their Customer Service is rubbish. I would definitely not recommend these people.  Terrie Mc

I would not recommend this company.After receiving non-stop begonias undersized and with gaps in the tray,I made a complaint. Not only did it take 3 days to get a reply but it was curt to  say the least.All they would offer was a £3 credit against future orders. The rest of my order was also sub-standard when it arrived. Canny gardeners avoid this outfit!

I should add that I received excellent plug plants from Brookside Nurseries earlier this season.

Mary W

mary, I agree with you.  Brookside nurseries are excellent

i thought i was the only one who had problems with "canny".  this was the first time i ordered from them.  i ordered the buzy lizzie starter plants managed 36 out of 150.  the 60 med begonia arrived a week ago and the dust was falling through the box!  dry as a bone,cells empty etc.  e mailed them twice over a week ago but like everyone else no response.  i think i will try a third time and tell them i have put this post on the forum.  as they say once bitten twice shy.  no problems with suttons or brookside.

I want to add my disgust at goods received from Canny Gardener. Having waited for months for my order to arrive in dribs and drabs, each successive batch was more appalling that the previous one. Not liking to complain and doing my best to rescue my poor little seedlings I have finally flipped when four days after being despatched (four days in a polystyrene container!!!) the flowers were rotten and totally dead. For a mild mannered and experienced plug plant receiver I am furious. 

hi i am john just been reading above comments i to  have had alot  of very poor plants from canny .after 6 or 7 calls of complaints they say they will call back apart from 1 message left they didnt bother.yesterday i recieved yet another replacement box of plants begonias only to find eaten leaves slime and emty cells.tried to phone for 45 mins only to get recorded message.i olso emailed photos of these and previous poor plants rudbeckia which were also replacement plants no wife phoned this morning and spoke to a human being wot a shock .she said she would speak to her manager and phone back.i did ask for a refund of my order but got 50£ i have spent nearly 200£.will not be useing them again and i hope this helps others.

has anyone noticed you cannot see them on facebook anymore. sent them another e mail mentioning the forum and got a response saying will contact you 24/72 hrs. usual story. checked my begonias this morning and out of 60 now only 15 which might come to something. ruined my colour scheme!!!

Maybe setting up get rich schemes in horticulture isn't as easy as they thought 


Some of the non-stop begonias which I received the third week in April are still no bigger than my thumb nail, despite having been shown lots of TLC after I potted them on, and several more have died. Makes a laughing stock of their claims that they have been growing stuff successfully since 1985. If this is the best they can do after 28 years then I'm glad I didn't order anything from them in earlier years! 

Received their non-stop mocca begonias in a special Post Office bag as pakaging was broken and the plants spewing out. Phoned them and had the same result as previous contributors ie can't take call now as too busy - leave number and we'll call back within 72 hours. Nothing heard from them so tried email this morning - nothing so far. All other plants I received were underdeveloped and many had come adrift from their packaging and were snapped off. Spent approx. £200 with them. Never again. Product is inferior to the competition I have previously used and their Customer Relations Dept. is a disgrace.

Mazza 2

I ordered from CG this year, as the prices were good etc.  First 2 batches of plants have been fine, well packaged and arrived in good condition. Then a batch was delivered having taken 6 days to get here. So they were looking rather sad when unpacked. A good drink did nothing to revive them . They were supposedly Jumbo plugs, but the amount of soil round each plant was minimal. 2 e-mails and 1 message left requesting replacements and I'm still awaiting a reply . Doesn't bode well

look, although a few are saying this company sent good stuff, generally this is a supplier best ignored.  there are better companies out there

Must add my two pennyworth.  I ordered 6 Jumbo plants mid-May and was promised despatch week commencing 27th May - later refined to leaving the nursery Wed 29th. After no-show, I contacted CG (surprisingly by phone) on Sat pm. Was told to expect them "any time now". Attempts to phone customer services on Mon, Tues Wed and Thurs were not answered. Three emails,so far, have also not been answered, except by the automatic response, promising a reply in 24 to 72 hours. Adding insult to injury, this morning (Friday 7th June) the regular Royal Mail postman arrived with the parcel, which was in an appalling state, crushed and broken. I refused to accept delivery and had it 'Returned to Sender'. If CG are to be believed, the plants will have been in transit through the regular mail handling system for 9 days. This Company, in my opinion, definitely belongs on the 'Dodgy' register. I predict they will not be trading next year.