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I sent 2 photos to tony milne on wednesday to let him see how bad the plants and boxes were arriving .iwonder if he will respond I wont hold my breath.if the boxes are as strong ashe says how do they get so damaged?, I hope he does something about the customer service department because it doesnt help when you cant speak to someone about your grievance.i hope to get my refund next week.

the 72 hours for a reply to e mail has long gone. out of the 60 begonias I am now down to 10. this together with the 13 busy lizzies means my plants have cost ??1.20 each! notice they have removed the facebook sign from their site. no doubt because of the complaints. I too don't think they will be in business for long.

I suggest you email them mentioning you might seek to recover your losses ( including your time and phone calls etc) in the Small Claims Court 

I've now received a full refund for the begonias that arrived in a shocking state (eventually saved 9 out of 60) and for the petunias that didnt arrive at all. The other stuff I had from them (rudbeckias, marigolds and gaillardias) turned out to be reasonably OK but nothing exceptional. I won't use them next year.

I also received some plants from them and they arrived looking as though they had been burnt. The 08 number they give you to ring, lets you hang on for 3 minutes then cuts you off as being too busy!!!   Emailing does not work either.Still waiting!!


Still waiting for a response from tony milne about photos I sent him and my £50 refund.

Have just sent them an email re Large begonias sent 2 weeks late to my 92 year old father-in-law.  Total rubbish.  If I don't get a reply I will go to Trading Stadards, if they get enough complaints they will act! Or next step Watchdog!

I am another disappointed and peed off 2013 customer. First to arrive, Cosmos plants, completely dry, crushed and broken plants, emailed a complaint and got a full refund. next to arrive in broken packaging, allegedly ready to plant bedding geraniums, so small and bone dry and extremely yellow leaved plants, will take ages to recover for use this year. Last to arrive, 20 red penstemons, broken packaging, 3 very sick plants survived, all the rest a rotting mush. Took photos as evidence, for last 10 days, have tried emiling and phoning, no success at all. Is this a case for BBC Watchdog?

A question-has anybody complained to local trading standards about this company?

good point lazy and how about a complaint to the magazine advertising this company??

I noticed a few weeks back that plants from this company were offered as a prize on this site.

Who won that?-or to put it better who would want to?

Agree with all above, no replies to emails or phone calls, yet notice they are still open for orders on line. Will not be had again.

Today, I have had an answer to my email--offering apologoies, stating it was not their usual standard of delivery and offered me a full refund or a selection of a plant from summer range - guess which I chose!!!!!

lucky you,still waiting. out of curiosity I went on line last night checking companies house. the company as such only started july 2012!!. another thing jonathan just started about the same time. he used to work as an it manager for a company selling fishing tackle - maybe experienced in ponds!. will not give up until I get a reply and my money refunded. am driving my husband mad!!

Do not order from this company.  I have had nothing but trouble with them. The first lot of plants Inordered did not thrive and the second lot of plants when they eventually arrive after  two delays are in very poor condition. The are extremely slow to respond to emails and take no notice of what you have written to them about. Also impossible to through ugh by phone.

I  agree with with all the above complaints.  Do not touch this companentity a barge-pole


Ps sorry for spelling mistakes in above email but I am so angry with this company!!

The plants I had from them were of poor grade, wish I had stuck to Jersey Plants at least they answer the phone and e-mails and give you a choice of a refund or replacement shant be caught out next year their broucher will go straight in the bin.

Oakie  -  I think you will be very lucky if you get your £50 refund.  I have been waiting over three weeks for a refund of  the small amount of £10.49.  I have asked them by email when I can expect this and have not had a response to this either.  Good luck!!

hi terrie mc-i got £38 of my refund yesterday the rest is coming in the form of 2 cheques for some reason.i didnt get any response from tony milne about the photos i sent him no surprise there .has anyone noticed how similer canny gardener and garden direct catalogues are even the photo on the inside cover is the same ,i think that is why i made the mistake of ordering from them.hope you get your refund.

Received email today saying sorry that my begonias were not up to their usual standard!!  full refund in my account in 3-5 days.  Will wait to see if this happens but not holding my breath