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Just found the following information :

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Company THE CANNY GARDENER LTD (08113666) today announced Meetings of Creditors.

This entry was posted in Meetings of Creditors and tagged Private Limited Company, Retail sale via mail order houses or via Internet (SIC 47910) on January 8, 2014 by admin.


"What a surprise!!!"

Hi Guys

It's a shame you knocked this company so hard in such a snobbish way, you probably did not help them as a new company in any way whatsoever. It's hard enough in the current financial climate for any company to get going without the sort of comments I have seen on this 'support' forum.

I ordered from Canny Gardener twice, one small order to test them out and all ok. Then a very large £200 order and everything arrived on time and in perfect condition. The plants all survived and are growing well. Their customer service was excellent by the way.

There are not enough companies like this in the UK putting your cash back into the UK, Jersey and other offshore places all contribute so much back don't they??Further up the thread I noticed comments about the spelling, well FYI Richard Branson was dyslexic and can't spell. Need I say more.

Hiya sp-Ade, 

Why do you suppose we "knocked" the company so much?  Just for the devilment of it? 

We try here to help people choose wisely, to deal with companies who provide good service amd to warn about bad service.  If you think we were wrong in that that's perfectly ok.

I was phoned today by a  computer scammer.  she wanted my details after claiming I had a computer  fault.  Is it wrong of me to tell others of this scam?  Would ??ou complain that people like me are putting these scammers  out of business????

On the early part of this thread I did get the impression that several were knocking canny gardener because it did not have a long trading history. Perhaps the company would still be solvent if more people had said to maybe give it a go back in the beginning.

On these forums it is too easy to knock someone with a few choice words & before you know it's gone viral. Fair enough the latter people commenting unsavourly when the company had found itself on hard times and were getting the delivery issues etc. But the earlier comments didn't help at all. As to scammers, I don't think Canny Gardener had any intention of being scammers. I don't know any of the people there but they dealt with me perfectly well.

I hope my spelling & punctuation are good enough lol.


Hiya sp-Ade

I think a lot of people felt they were not treated well by the canny gardener, that's all.  

Its good that people have an opinion and speak up, as you did and for that you have my respect

No, your spelling etc is just fine

Like your name tho.  

Happy gardening 

I did give them a go last year for the first time. always willing to try new companies. however I had a dreadful experience along with many others. you were lucky. still not surprised they are not now trading. just stating as it was.

I had no problems with the Canny Gardener. They had altered the plant packaging to a more substantial kind. Sorry to see that they are in administratioin


I found Canny Gardener to be an excellent company with good quality plants, well packaged and with reliable (and convenient) delivery, rather than when it suited the supplier.  Great shame they are in trouble.


Funny how their supporters often only post for the first time to say so,  isn't it?......


I was just thinking that Fairy 

Must be coincidence, surely

I guess there must be some happy customers of the Canny Gardener.  Truth is though that most people had trouble with them and that's why this company failed.  

I had continual trouble with Canny Gardener Deliveries - ALL LATE, I mean 6-7 days late, many Damaged in transit - plus rejected orders, cancelled (by them, when it was too late to obtain substitutes), Complete lack of Customer Support, and NO answers to MANY emails - and more ....Not picking up the phone, either... We  live in Durham, and Northern deliveries in a timely manner seemed to be a problem for them.

When I complained in writing, at their suggestion after MANY phone calls, they did not answer. when I wrote to MD after that, they STILL did not answer.

When plants were good, they were good - otherwise, terrible packages, too much damage, too little control.

I used them last year, and the plants were very good. Had a super floral display all summer


Fairygirl wrote (see)

Funny how their supporters often only post for the first time to say so,  isn't it?......


Fairygirl wrote (see)

Funny how their supporters often only post for the first time to say so,  isn't it?......


nutcutlet wrote (see)

I was just thinking that Fairy 

Must be coincidence, surely

Another coincidence?   How random is that? 


How amazing Dove!  

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