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Chimney fires were all the rage when i was younger. There was never any need for the fire brigade. Then the gas fires and central heating came in and caused all the damp! and slugs in house, that is still a on going problem)
That reminds me. I had a central heating engineer round the other day and while he was working away he said, "I see you???re a darts man, like myself."
I asked how he worked that out and he replied, "That photo on the fireplace of you and Jocky Wilson.???
I replied, "That???s my partner mate."

(smile and a slap icon for that one. I think)
Wow Mike, no wonder you have been fed up of late, there isnt enough going on for you, there isnt enough adreniline (sorry, cant spell) running around your system!

Edd, have you been at the moth trap wine again?
Mike when I lived in the West Midlands I passed a house almost every day called LLAMEDOS. Thinking it was Welsh I always wondered what it meant,. One day as I was passing the owner was in the garden so I asked her.
"Read it backwards" she replied. Then went on to explain that they were always the couple everyone came to in times of trouble, but when they found themselves needing help, no one would lift a finger to help them.

S*d. em. all

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