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11/08/2013 at 08:04

Ive just returned from a nice walk with the dogs,

I walk down a track for a few miles and then through a woods to a small stream,

On the way back i could smell this beautiful smell coming from the hedge but could'nt see anything unusual,

It ended up like a game of getting closer and closer to the hedge to find this smell !!!

And as you get nearer the now stronger smell it hits you and the eye catches the little flowers hiding amoung the hedge "Honey suckle " what a smell,

The secrets out.

Ive got it in my own garden but in a place for all to see, this little beauti was hiding and its been there for years,

Its worth getting up and out early to see the wild life all feeding and starting the day off,The early morning mist floating about like some ghostly sciene from a film,

And the sheer beauti of the spiders web hanging from the leaves of the oak tree hedge like some silk master piece made from an artist,

really is worth taking a few mins to have a good luck at what a spider can make,

As i was doing this the dogs are all looking for the pear/apple wind falls just growing away along the track,

Im amazed the super market sells any apples etc when so many are here just waiting tobe picked.

It's a nice feel to be able to do this walk and find the odd secret natures hidden away while we amble through the woods,

I wonder how many eyes are watching us as we continue on our way?

Ive found young fox cubs and baby deer standing on this path in the past

"Just looking at me" to young to fear man, to young and curious to run "until their mother gives the call "danger" get here now.

Wonderful thing nature and this time of the season when natures larder is over flowing with free food for all.

11/08/2013 at 08:35

Smokin Donkey, what a lovely way to start the day. I feel quite uplifted by your post, currently I'm in my dressing gown drinking tea, but feel as though I've been on the walk with you.

11/08/2013 at 08:58

"smokin" today smokin.  Nice post

11/08/2013 at 09:17

There was a mummy deer with her baby in the paddock this morning. When I used to go riding I saw a lot of wild life as being on a horse didn't frighten the animals away.

There are lots of wild flowers here in Dordogne. A wild patch of my garden is full of orchids and in late Spring there are cowslips all over the place.

11/08/2013 at 09:31

Lizzie - there are some upsides of gardening with deer!

We have a patch of ground next to our house - I have always referred to it (somewhat pretentiously) as the meadow, when in reality it looks like a patch of waste ground. However, I have persevered ( for 7 years), and gradually it is becoming more like the meadow I was hoping for.  Yesterday I sat there with a cuppa and the noise coming from it was incredible - chirruping and buzzing - and there were butterflies and insects galore.  Ok, so not a carpet of wild flowers, but a haven for insects just the same.  You just have to learn to love grass - and carry on introducing yellow rattle.

11/08/2013 at 10:06

SD- whatever you're on -I want some!

When I commuted from my last house to school and work we drove on a few narrow roads with woodland around and deer frequently jumped out of fields in front of us and into the woods the other side. Fortunately they always escaped unscathed. We didn't have them really near our house so no damage in the garden thankfully! 

Chick isn't it one of the loveliest 'noises' in the world - silence ...with just bees buzzing  and birds chirping. 

11/08/2013 at 22:56

When you think about it, meadow's and wild gardens are really the norm,

Its us the gardeners who are the odd balls, we want just certain flowers, and half of them come from the other side of the world "But" we must have gardens with only the selected plants

Plants that really shouldn't be in our part of the globe as the conditions they should be grown in are not our weather charted system,

The plants that are for our weather system we dont want.

Weeds are still plants it's just that they're the not wanted ones.


12/08/2013 at 00:03

......but isn't it good when these "alien" plants produce their wonderful flowers or foliage?  They may not have been "born" here but they have adapted well to being here. ( when we understand their needs and provide for them)

Man has developed the "feel and the secret" smokin......we want the magic in our own back gardens


12/08/2013 at 06:56

Must say it was so lovely sitting out in my garden yesterday just listening to the buzzing of the bees. For those who don't know my 'garden' is 4.6m by 7m totally paved. I've got everything in pots.

Well the noise was so relaxing 'till the seagulls started squalking

12/08/2013 at 08:31

WHo ever said or thought a garden has tobe huge or you cant have a garden in pots?

Here's a little something for people to read who dont own a scrap of garden but such a little plot ment so much,

Have a read and just put yourself in this persons shoes.

                                       The Plot  .

                             by Daniel Seamingway.

Everytime i come here i feel so sad "tears in my eyes of sorry for the brother, Nan & grandad i once had.

So many memouries of times long gone by

"Ive just looked around and no one can see me so it's ok to cry"

The flowers from last week, the ones i thought then we're the best

will end up in the bin over there with the waste "a good place for them to rest"

Ive emptied the the old water and re-filled the pot, filled it with fresh flowers and returned to the plot, 

"Every flower is put in with special care" Oh i wish i could do more to show i really did care,

Im sorry for the silly things i did in the past " brotherly fights, the ghost we never really saw on those dark misty nights,

The times i used you as a goal post because you couldn't play football and thats another ghost in my thought,

The past is all ive got and again im crying looking down at this plot.

It's only a little piece of land but i come here a feel sad "Why" i dont really understand maybe you we're the stronger !!!! and me as the eldest was weak,?

I'll wipe away these tears and say goodbye,

I'll be back with new flowers same time next week.


12/08/2013 at 08:39

Morning smokin.  I think we can all identify with that piece.  I know I do...

12/08/2013 at 09:29
Verdun wrote (see)

Morning smokin.  I think we can all identify with that piece.  I know I do...

Verd - me too love  x

12/08/2013 at 22:04

One last thought on this subject from when i was a small lad back in Liverpool.

We lived in a big street with back to back houses, my Dad was very proud of the fact we lived in the only semi in our street and would tell me to remind the teacher's i came from a semi detached house,

(What he didnt want me to say was that it was thanks to mr Hitler's bombs that i lived in the only house in our street that had next doors wall paper on the outside of our house,

One old lady in the street was ignored by all the neighbours, and we kids thought she was a witch who made you get spots etc,

We didnt have gardens "not even a window box" infact the only grass was on the railway bank at the end of our street,

Many a time you'd hear mums telling their kids to go and play on the railway

(they really meant the grass & not the railway track)

The old lady "miss cutsey" would some times be seen by one of the kids and after the word was out that she was stooping down in the long grass putting spells on us all "we'd all dip down and hide.

One day when i was 16yrs of age i came home to find that a hearst was parked outside "miss cutseys house" she was about to be taken to her grave,

The strange thing was not one neighbour had drawn their curtains "As was the custom when someone died".

I asked my mum "why"

Oh my mum replied, she did a very bad thing when she was a young girl,

"What bad thing?"

She had a baby out of wed lock and the baby died.

It worked out that when as kids we saw this witch stooping down putting spells on us kids,

She was infact getting soil for the grave she'd made either side of her fire place in her small house,

they found this grave along with her body and a little stone with her babies name on it,

This was the first time i'd really heard of any gardening in our built up slum area.

So no matter how big or small your garden is it's what it means to you thats the important thing .

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