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Smokin Donkey, what a lovely way to start the day. I feel quite uplifted by your post, currently I'm in my dressing gown drinking tea, but feel as though I've been on the walk with you.

"smokin" today smokin.  Nice post


There was a mummy deer with her baby in the paddock this morning. When I used to go riding I saw a lot of wild life as being on a horse didn't frighten the animals away.

There are lots of wild flowers here in Dordogne. A wild patch of my garden is full of orchids and in late Spring there are cowslips all over the place.


Lizzie - there are some upsides of gardening with deer!

We have a patch of ground next to our house - I have always referred to it (somewhat pretentiously) as the meadow, when in reality it looks like a patch of waste ground. However, I have persevered ( for 7 years), and gradually it is becoming more like the meadow I was hoping for.  Yesterday I sat there with a cuppa and the noise coming from it was incredible - chirruping and buzzing - and there were butterflies and insects galore.  Ok, so not a carpet of wild flowers, but a haven for insects just the same.  You just have to learn to love grass - and carry on introducing yellow rattle.


SD- whatever you're on -I want some!

When I commuted from my last house to school and work we drove on a few narrow roads with woodland around and deer frequently jumped out of fields in front of us and into the woods the other side. Fortunately they always escaped unscathed. We didn't have them really near our house so no damage in the garden thankfully! 

Chick isn't it one of the loveliest 'noises' in the world - silence ...with just bees buzzing  and birds chirping. 


......but isn't it good when these "alien" plants produce their wonderful flowers or foliage?  They may not have been "born" here but they have adapted well to being here. ( when we understand their needs and provide for them)

Man has developed the "feel and the secret" smokin......we want the magic in our own back gardens


The potty gardener

Must say it was so lovely sitting out in my garden yesterday just listening to the buzzing of the bees. For those who don't know my 'garden' is 4.6m by 7m totally paved. I've got everything in pots.

Well the noise was so relaxing 'till the seagulls started squalking

Morning smokin.  I think we can all identify with that piece.  I know I do...

Verdun wrote (see)

Morning smokin.  I think we can all identify with that piece.  I know I do...

Verd - me too love  x

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