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Sluggo, hear, hear! Now I think it's time to press the "ignore" button!


Been too busy to see this week's GW just yet but do love grasses as long as they're used wisely.  I've seen a huge bank of them used as ground cover on a slop and it's all to samey and boring but grouped here and there as contrast of form and to give movement they're great.

Stipas, pennisetums and the red grass are too nesh for my garden but miscanthus forms do well as do briza, carex, molinia and hakonechloa which makes a great edger on a damp bed I have next to my terrace.


Hey david K
I'm sure I speak for most everyone when I say I value brumbull's huge contribution to this forum. He has opened up some great new threads and encouraged the rest of us to think a bit more laterally. Not forgetting the knowledgeable advice he gives....did I say that right dad?...ha ha
just as with texts on mobile phones, messages here can be miss-interpreted or misread but criticism should not be personal. I'm the first to engage in agitating threads but only because I enjoy the (childlike) mischief!
In summer a nearby river bank is flanked by miscanthus grasses for about a mile. The sound is magical.......whispering music.

Fetch me my angrry trousers!

Obviously it is perfectly acceptable to not like Monty Don or to like his garden, it is sad and reflects badly on the writer not to recognise his skills. His garden has been lovingly created over many years, it is no quick makeover for TV. His hedges and trees were all grown from saplings and many other plants from seed or cuttings.

I would thoroughly recommend to any open minded gardener his book the Ivington diaries. Not only is it beautifully written and encapsulates why many of us garden much more eloquently than most people who write on the subject, but it also documen ts the development of the garden from a bare field.

I have also found it very useful as a what to do when sort of book.

I love the debates that often occur on this site and a little bit of controversy is also welcome. However uninformed vituperative ranting has no place.


Thanks for that, Punkdoc. I'm a great fan of Monty Don, but have only read his newspaper articles. Just had a browse through the Ivington Diaries, and it looks enchanting - as you say, beautifully written, eloquent and reflective.
I think I'll have to treat myself!
Gardening Grandma

Thanks, Punkdoc. I echo figrat's comments. Love the humour, too and the phrase 'uninformed vituperative ranting'. Got to agree! And I enjoy a rant (with humour) as much as anyone!

Punkdoc , those angry trousers....are they shockingly psychedelic?
Points well made I think

Thanks Verdun. Yes the trousers are orange and pink just like some of my planting arrangements. Of course they have lots of pockets and zips which are very useful in the garden. The rips however can lead to painful experiences.


When I said Monty's garden looked expensive I didn't mean he shouldn't have it or he doesn't work for it. I couldn't afford it, but we can adapt bits of it to suit our own needs.  3 or 4 raised beds using something like scaffolding planks could be within reach. I was just stating a fact. I like all the presenters and I enjoy their enthusiasm, but I don't have to share their tastes in gardens.

So no pastel subtle colours there then?
I'm conjuring up an image,of you blinding everyone who sees you.
However, methinks you doth exaggerate just a leeeetle!

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