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hollie hock

Found a way round the regional variations. 

Enjoyed the programme apart from the bit with Joe Swift. Didn't like his spot last year and this programme just confirms this for me. For me he states the blindling obvious about planting heights of plants in borders and seems to live in a world where money is no object and you can the desired effect immediately. I guess that what's garden designers? get paid for. For me he was a wasted 5-10 mins of valuable gardening programme.

Enjoyed Monty laying his reclaimed brick path,done something similar here.

Good to see GW back on our screens


If you havent grown winter honeysuckle, as featured in GW you's fantastic. Sweet box ..sarcoccoca...too is intoxicating. Scent in a garden is
Gardening Grandma

Just goes to show there's something for everyone. I suppose I knew what Joe was saying already,  but he crystallised something in my mind and I could visualise my existing borders and slot in new ideas as he talked. Quite agree with Hollyhock (Hi, HH) that it would be expensive and overwhelming for most amateurs to do in one go, which has always been my problem, but once you get started and have a developing structure, a new vision is good, I think. I could see where I had things in the wrong place and how my planting was bitty.


nutcutlet ,have you checked the weather for next week and anyway 21 march is the start of spring 13 days  .


Bunny ...
Derek it's the 20th this year



Derek, I've just looked at the forecast for the next few days and I think I'll go back into hibernation.

Gardening Grandma

Lots of promise at this kind of year - and lots of setbacks. So great to see different weather on  previously recorded segments of GW.


I've written about GW in 2 other threads before I saw this one. Seems only Hollie Hock was disappointed with Jo's cottage garden apart from me. Some I liked but he always designs in straight lines and I like some curves. I like cottage gardens to be a mass of flowers and colour.

I agree with Verdun too, how I miss Geoff Hamilton - so much more inspiring and inventive.

Verdun wrote (see)
Perhaps I'm just too fussy but I wasn't too impressed with GW this evening. I can remember Geoff Hamilton and his manner was inspiring. I like Monty but programme is stale already. Next week, when we have had a week's hot sushine, I expect I will be re-enthused!


Gardening Grandma

 Geoff H and Alan T were a hard act to follow. I guess Monty must have his strengths since he was popular enough to be reinstated. Sexier than others?


Sorry, I don't find Monty at all sexy. I find him nice but he sends me to sleep. Alan T. seems so much more alive.

Gardening Grandma

It was the humour, I think, and lots of charismatic charm, as well as his expertise.


I enjoyed it today but I thought he looked unwell,  very drawn in the face,  nice to see Nigel back in his bouncy ways though.

Gardening Grandma

Rain, who is 'he', Monty or Joe? I think Monty was showing signs of ageing, but maybe you are right about his not being well.

Gardening Grandma

Verdun, I loved the thought of the winter honeysuckle.



Sorry GG I meant Monty not looking to good.

I must have a look around for some winter honeysuckle I do like the sound of having a fragrance in the garden at this time of year 

Gardening Grandma

As long as it doesn't take up too much room for the rest of the year. This is always an issue for me.


I like Monty, but Alan is way out in front for spontinuity and enthusiasm. Joe swift was in his usual slot, as in a 10 minute bit showing that even a fool can garden. I honestly think it's GW trying to get new gardeners to watch with his slots. As someone mentioned, they could have done a whole 30mins on garden design, but no instead, aside from a few things rachel suggested like the daphne and the honeysuckle, the 'pulled -out' everyyear dogwood, some trees which would be unsuitable in most peoples gardens due to size, and them spidery things with the fuzzy stems, again massive  unless you need to use a tractor to mow!

We then had 10 mins of galanthus, yes snow drops are lovely, but if you've lived in this country all your life, like 90% of the population have, chances are you know all about them already.

The programme should be a full hour, it would be a lot better, they could cover more things that are of actual interest as well as visiting nice gardens etc. I personally think when they talk about shrubs and plants for borders, they should say, 'if you have a small garden try blah blah, a medium think of so-and-so and if you are lucky enough to have a big garden then consider such-and-such.'

I really think they don't consider what most normal people have as a garden in regards to size. Most new builds basically have a hanky at the back and even less with a drive at the front. I think this is where GW is missing a trick, if they catered for the multitudes, there would be many more viewers.

All in all, nice to have it back on, but 30mins minus the opening and ending credits, then minus the chaff from gardens tended by 40 staff, and you end up with 10-12 mins of actual useful info, once a week. Not really good enough, I'm just glad of the broadband and the net, can find out everything I need to know from people who have experience on forums and in videos.

Bit of a rant, can you tell this cold is still gnawing at me??? :P

Sue H
Why not make GW - 1 hour long. Sure they could easily fill that time.