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hollie hock

 I'm imagining.................lovely

Ditto,ditto! Watching TV nowadays means having to listen to continuous music ( a loose term ) whatever the subject. Whereas summer in the garden or greenhouse means peace and quiet - no more telly until the autumn!
Bunny ...
Wonderful isn't it ... Lab olive has already cracked 2panes of glass in greenhouse , once flying round garden her bum crashed into it...other sat in greenhouse to assist me ...against glass it cracked *****rolls eyes smiley***** She fancies monty and Nigel's new one

I enjoyed the lovely garden by that lady and man very pretty lots of plants and flowers great colours

Like the greenhouse too, Was that in the vegetable plot that the raised beds got done up?

Shame that Rachael has not been in GW programme for 2 weeks, I would have her helping me in the garden like her style.

Bunny ...
Really? I'm not keen on her but liked her planting her bed , sort of realised her if you know what I mean , seemed quite insecure at how the border would become ... Opposite of me I guess


Gardening Grandma

I'm watching the prog on iplayer today. Certainly wish GW was on for an hour, too! At the moment, I'm obsessed with all things gardening, maybe because the weather has prevented much reaL gardening. Also, I've learnt enough now to realise what I don't know - and I'm raising my game a bit, doing things in the garden that I could not envisage even last year.

Gardening Grandma

For me, repetition is essential. Apart from an ageing memory, I found in my previous career (slightly afraid to mention since being accused of living in the past ) that repetition is the key to learning. So watching 3 times is my best option, soaking the brain in the facts and firing the imagination.


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, life is good, all we gardeners need is some warmth and that guy that looks like a big, big orange!! and we'll be in paradise.

I agree with you Brumbull,I like Monty too, he's not so in your face, lecturing to me and being paid obscene amounts of dosh. He gets much less than them with DEGREES in agriculture. After all, experience seems to count for nothing.......considering that gardening is a hands on profession.

I like the new GH, one can never have enough of them,especially with weather we are having at the moment I have a problem finding my kitchen sink as the worktops are occupied with seedlings rearing to go! Besides, it's a new area for Nigel to peruse till it gets filled up with plants



I know what you mean Brumbull,My GH is full to the rafters too, most of us dream of BIGGER GHs as they are NEVER big enough

On the subject of the cost of MDs new it cost a fraction of what Linaker picks up eh? Besides, as mentioned, CK MUST have cost etc. of her garden included in her contract too! She isn't doing it for nothing. Nor does JS.

I have no truck with as to a degree, he is controlled by the producers etc. and EDITING does change the way a programme comes over. I know he has a BIG garden, "ESTATE"as mentioned; but he can hardly make miniature paths etc. Maybe we with small gardens(mine is) could adapt to suit.

I do not think having a DEGREE equips you with the talent to be able to put over well what you are trying to describe. Too many harsh things are being said about him, esp. as he cannot defend himself. I rest my case risking being "ignored" and reprimanded!! Meanwhile, I look forward to seeing the tall vines, grapes maybe, which he will be growing in the GH!!

Gardening Grandma

Really enjoyed today's edition of the A-Z of Gardening. Will be taking all the advice regarding lilies. The last bit about waterlilies murdering hoverflies on the first day of flowering was fascinating! I wonder if this series will be out on CD?


Thank you,Brumbull.Thank the Lord at lease one forum member will still read my rantings.....I blame the snow, fancy, it is ONLY March!!

Gardening Grandma

See what you mean, David. However, the sad fact is that there has always been money to spend on entertainment and the media, because there's a lot of money to be made from it. Witness the level of pay involved if you are an entertainer or a footballer.


Are we 100% sure that it was the BBC or in fact US that payed for Monty's cathedral of a greenhouse..? As its in his garden it may well have been payed for by Monty. 


Does he get a flat fee out of which he supplies what is deemed necessary for the programme, or is he paid an hourly rate plus expenses?    

Who paid for the additional land and the setting up of all those little gardens that Geoff Hamilton had?  

Who paid for the improvements that  Mr Titchmarsh and his Ground Force team wreaked on unsuspecting members of the public?

Perhaps Monty should've bought one of these instead  ?  

And then how much would we have been able to see  as the camera man tried to stick his lens through a vent?

For heavens sake, TV programmes cost money to make 

Exasperated rant over  



You don't have to agree with people to respect them - everyone is entitled to their own opinions - we don't have to join gangs - I may agree with you on one subject and disagree with you on another - but I respect your right to disagree with me too.  

Hopefully your friends are also entitled to their own opinions without jeopardising your respect.

Let's all be friends.