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David K wrote (see)

It will never happen, but I would like to know how much money the BBC (license fee payers) have spent on Longacres.

I don't see much evidence of huge investments at Glebe Cottage.

They paid out a fair bit with the antics of a certain pop show host, lets not knock Monty, 1500.00 doesn't seem a lot in the grand scheme of things.

David K wrote (see)

"Respect as in, not normally being given to passing opinions without consideration & some knowledge of what I'm talking about."




And hopefully you accord others the same respect and consideration - you have no idea of my knowledge, experience or the fields in which I have some degree of expertise. Dove


Everything on TV etc is paid for by us the consumer in some shape or form-be it by licence fee  or advertising-ultimately we pay as I said before- if we are going to analyse every cost we will be here all day

And we don't use all services -like the health service

Really cant see what this fuss is about-should I will write to the BBC about the I-pad that Jo used?- did he pay for that himself?-don't know -don't care -really cant be arsed



As my friend said that was more of a cottage than a greenhouse - I'd love one.  But just when is this recorded? Given the Siberian temperatures that most of the country is experiencing.  MD's glorious sunshine in Herefordashire was when? 'Things to do this weekend' are not largely outside for huge swathes of the country this weekende. I would appreciate this portion of the programme to actually relect what most of the countries gardeners are actually able to do.  Previous programmes did actually have the forecast of the weekends weather and jobs were based around that.

Gardening Grandma

Good point, daffy, though conditions vary around the country. Few of us will have done much outside this weekend. A weather forecast linked with a jobs-to-do segment sounds a really good idea.



Recorded around 10 days in advance of transmission-it is a tricky one to get right at this time of year -as others have said 12 months ago the conditions were entirely diffent

GQT is recorded about a month ahead- yet they give out topical tips

There is a "what do now" on this site -not to be taken as gospel

What would you suggest?


Alan Titchmarsh used to record his programmes on wed to fri before tranmission so that it was current.  But yes its tricky, but not impossible.  If MD is doing his programme weekly then why not record it or a orotion of it immediately before transmission.

With reference to THE greenhouse.  I would hazard a guess that under the Freedom of Information Acts - if someone cares to ask the BBC the cost and who actually paid for this it would be forthcoming .............eventually.  Its still got to be reasonably cheap TV to make as there is only a small 'cast' at Longmeadow and is spliced together with other bits recorded as and when.

I totally forgot and missed the first episode, is there anywhere I can watch it? I know it was a few weeks ago now, but I really want to see it as everybody said it was good

Great thanks sotongeoff!


Monty gets a fee for presenting GW.  I suspect that, plus spin off earnings for articles written for GW magazine, other magazines and newspapers and books related to his series on French, Italian and Round the World gardens are sufficient to pay for such a greenhouse without the Beeb having to pay a separate sum.

Either way, it's immaterial.  AT made a fortune from his books on How To Be A Gardener which allowed him to buy a new house and garden which he'd always promised his wife would not be invaded by cameras.

GH took a punt and bought the land which allowed him to develop many gardens for GW and other series such as Paradise Gardens and The Ornamental Kitchen Gardens.   Luckliy for him it worked and his fees from GW, articles and books helped pay for it.  The difference was that GW was then produced by an independent company and sold to the Beeb.

With Monty's versions of GW, and the subsequent Greenacres fiasco with Toby, it's been a BBC team that produces and I still don't think they do it as well as the GH lot did nor as well as the outside company that produces Beechgrove.  

I wish the Beeb would have the foresight and conviction to set up a national garden like Beechgrove which has the scope for various styles and sizes of garden within it plus trials beds and greenhouses and polytunnels and an acknowledged team of permanent gardeners who keep things going when the presenters are elsewhere doing their day job.  I'm still waiting for Monty to introduce us to his team and give them credit.


I think what Obs says makes a lot of sense - and I'm sorry if I upset/annoyed you, DK - but there are always going to be aspects of the TV programme which irritate all or some of us at any one time.  If it's Monty and his greenhouse this time for David, it was Joe with that i-pad (or whatever it was) that irritated me!


p.s. I really do respect your knowledge & opinions, DK, but can't always agree with you about everything!  Ma. 


As for the weather when the programme is being filmed - it's been so changeable hasn't it?  

Last Monday we were in south Lincs in really really thick fog - we got home to Norfolk at about 3pm to find our home basking in sunshine, the neighbours said it had been like it all day.  

Apparently it had been dry here the day before whereas in Lincs the rain had come down in stair-rods all day. 

80 miles and what seemed like a season away


Just had a thought - after last summer's continual deluge, maybe the director, camera crew and everyone else clubbed together for a big greenhouse to shelter in 

hollie hock

Happened to watch it again this morning, forgot to say that I really enjoyed the couple's garden, looked beautiful, they obviously knew their stuff. I liked their advice on just doing it and taking chances and making mistakes. I related to them as real gardeners.

Glad someone else finds Joe Swift's slot annoying



Those colour combinations were wonderful - like painting with flowers 


I watched Friday's broadcast and enjoyed it. I like Monty, Carol and Joe and think that they all bring something special to the show. That's what it isn't a course at a horticultural's entertainment. I love gardening but if I need to research a particular technique or plant then I look it up or ask another gardener.

GW manages to impart some knowledge and gives me ideas...but cannot be expected to go deeply into a subject in 30 minutes. I think that they do very well actually, give good advice in a friendly and non-patronising manner. It's inspiration more than anything that I get from the show...don't forget that they have to aim at a very broad audience....people who are just starting out, as well as enthusiasts.

It used to make us howl with laughter when Sarah (another great favourite of mine) used to make massive flower arrangements using huge euphorbias, delphiniums and verbena bonariensis...they looked stunning but would fill my living room completely. Cutting garden? in our house that's just the garden actually.... BUT I did take something from Sarah's time on GW...I grow a lot of the plants that she recommended and she's right...some of them do look stunning in a vase (altho I scale my arrangements down a tad and tbh the flowers look better in the ground)...

I love Monty's new GH and am jealous as a jealous's a fantasy GH as far as I'm concerned...good luck to him. I look forward to seeing what he does with it

I like The Beechgrove as well and have been watching it (on sky) for years. I would have thought that GW could stand a bit of competition....won't they overlap quite a bit?

I was away at the weekend so still haven't seen the infamous greenhouse, I'll be catching up later.

I would imagine that GW is pretty cheap telly and as Monty's garden is effectively the studio and the set it seems reasonable that there is some input from the BBC.

If you read GH's biography, written after his death by his brother and Gay Search, it is evident that he took a great personal risk in buying Barnsdale.  He had to get a letter from the show's producer which said that he was effectively permanently employed (when he wasn't) and took on what was then a huge mortgage.  No doubt his BBC fees and resultant earnings from books and other stuff meant he was comfortable later on.  As a very popular and successful person who would begrudge him that.  If people like Monty and buy his books the same applies.

Alan Titch must have a very effective manager as I notice he now has a range of seeds, tools and all sorts of other endorsements.  I would question the ethics of someone who builds up their name and profile and then ruthlessly cashes in on it.  On the other hand, how many of us would turn down the chance in the same circumstances?

GH lived in a different era.  Given his popularity and the numbers who watched GW in the 80's and 90's he would have been a multi-millionairre with the same sort of marketing people AT has. Having read about him and read his books I don't think he would have been that bothered though.