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Brumbull wrote (see)

loved Geoff and it was down to his enthusiasm that I got interested in gardening. Am I the only one who finds Carol annoying? 

Gardening Grandma

Upwards and onwards! It's a valid point about the unrealism of some of the programme for the average gardener, though I agree wholeheartedly that it is inspiring and stimulates the imagination. I get new ideas and aspirations every week. I would love to see more of real, well-designed small gardens and learn how the owners achieved it. On my first visit to RHS Rosemoor, the places I loved most were the four small suburban gardens that they had designed, and also the wonderful potager garden, whose beauty actually made me cry. (I seldom cry). Next time I went, looking forward to seeing them again, the four gardens were no more. They had been boringly incorporated into a larger area. The potager was still there. Joe shows ways of designing small areas and, although I don't relate to his style, there are always ideas to copy and he helps me understand what design is all about. What I need is help to maximise the unpromising space that I am stuck with and aam ttempting to beautify.


What is it with some of the chaps on this Board?  Spring sap rising and no chance to get out in the garden and burn off some testosterone?  It's what Ma used to call 'a case of too many cocks on one muck heap'.  


Can I make a suggestion - let's either have a vote on who's the chief cock, or agree to leave each other alone? 

Repeated childish behaviour is getting tedious.

David K Am glad of any gardening on TV as i don't watch much else if you don't like it turn channel or switch off. What about our money you keep going on about getting wasted on all the other rubbish that's on TV don't hear you knocking those programmes.

Gardening Grandma

Listen to Dove, fellers! Thanks for the link, David K. I will definitely have a look.



Well said Dove and, in my opinion, Brumbull's contributions has enhanced the board and I certainly don't feel he runs it. 

Good job Nooj isn't around David.

David Sorry if you have taken it personal but i don't see why you say our money is wasted because every programme made needs money to give it the best presentation for the viewers.


For chrissakes-it is only a tv show-who cares!!-I am outta here-argue amongst yourselves


I always enjoy GW. I like Carol Klein's enthusiasm and I enjoyed the Bosvigo bit as I went there in July 2011 so it had a different feel than the springtime feel. More lawn, beds, flowers, the woodland was over. I like Joe, but I don't like his designs, too many straight lines and contemporary, and I don't like his choice of plants, too green, too many grasses (don't like grasses, either look dead or like weeds - gasp, horror, I hear you say). Monty's new veg garden is super, but looks very expensive - beyond the reach of ordinary mortals. Nigel was looking beautiful.

Over all i think it's a great garden programme as it has plenty of different thing's each week something for everyone new & experience gardner's.

Some you please some you do not, if we all loved the same one programme would be all that was needed and to some that would be a Soap, "I HATE SOAPS" but like the Friday night gardening, it has a bit of everything and even a gardener from boyhood like me learns something now and then.
There is always a switch.


well said Dove, Sotongeoff & Palaisglide lets get some sanity back into these comments remember tv is designed as an entertainment media it's just good to sit down on friday night at 8.30 and say come on BBC2 entertain me for1/2 an hour and if I learn something great thats something extra.  

Gardening Grandma

Lizzie,  I agree about grasses, for the reasons you mention and because, the one time I bought one, it seeded itself all around the garden and is now a weed!

Sanity is a jolly good idea, YSL, but if there were no differing opinions there'd be no discussion - and this thread would be pretty boring then! So would a number of others!

I agree GG but you have to agree there's a difference between differing opinions and petty comments just to rub people up the wrong way (i.e the cost of the new GH and who's paid for it) if it enhances the programme and the knowledge it shares who cares.