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Busy-Lizzie wrote (see)

....Monty's new veg garden is super, but looks very expensive - beyond the reach of ordinary mortals. .....

His garden is his business - he is contracted to provide a gardening programme from his garden.  It's been under water and then under snow for most of the winter - he's done the most sensible thing - put in some raised beds to improve drainage so he can grow something - exactly what several of us have advised people with similar problems to do on this board within the past month or so.

Steve the Gardening Vet

I'm not sure that raised beds are out of most people's reach. Over the winter I have put in three good quality ones with a projected life of 15 years or so for just over a hundred quid each (7' x 4') and I know that if had been willing to compromise then I could have paid a third of that.


My garden floods down that end too...

David K wrote (see) ......
It must be so difficult when you have to be up so early, to run the boards.
David K wrote (see)........

If you take heed of my posts, you'll notice that I restrict them to commenting (in the case of this thread) on the Gardeners' World program ..........

Hoist with your own petard I think David K 





I always enjoy the programe....OK Carol can get a bit gushy but she knows her stuff and is a jolly good egg as far as I'm concerned. I look forward to GW and invariably enjoy it.



We're all entitled to our opinions and we're allowed to disagree without falling out or getting personal.  DK - You do have a habit of banging on with criticism about any and every aspect of Monty and his garden and not always with reason - in my view - but sometimes you're right.   It's the self righteous bits we can do without and which make people have a go at you.

Happy Easter everyone and happy gardening, with or without a fancy greenhouse.

Gardening Grandma

We are all entitled to express an opinion, even an annoying opinion, without being subjected to personal criticism. Once people start making digs at each other, the whole thread degenerates and people give up on it. Lets have constructive comments, PLEASE. Wonderful though I undoubtedly am , I suspect there are one or two people on this forum that I irritate. Fine (though obviously they have poor taste ). Just don't tell me. Allow my annoying behaviour to sanctify your soul by teaching you patience! I'll show the same courtesy to you.

Cup of tea and an aspirin all round, I think.

I liked gardeners world this week the colour combinations nice blue and yellow colours they do well together. I garden with raised beds makes it easier to look after help with drainage.

Good point Monty mentioned about the weather seeing when it is right for your area, when you should start growing bits and not by what books say - checking the soil - seeing if it needs warming up a bit, what to grow or plant out or sowing in cell trays to start off.

grasses for my garden, makes movement in the garden

The trial garden looked pretty - I guess they do them in a lot of places?

At last. Somebody else likes grasses. They dont all seed around....choose wisely and they will enchant your garden.
I enjoyed last nights prog....watched today.
The garden featured....Bosvigo yet another in Cornwall and where I occasionally purchase plants. I have a similar yellow/blue combination....the Pulmonaria featured, Blue Ensign, forms a foreground to a lovely yellow hellebore I have. Its the best Pulmonaria by far I think and I have it in different locations. It looks good also with Bowles Golden Grass

That looks a nice colourful grass - May be I will be adding more plants to the garden as I like the pulmonaria blue ensign plant and the large grass, That's watching the show see more plants I think would go well in the garden

would like to add more colourful grasses to the garden like the green and red one can't remember the name

Will have to cut up my dogwood and have not planted any of my potatoes yet as too cold.

I watched again today as well

   I planted STIPA GIGANTIA. a tall golden oat grass,

               and it seeded everywhere, but i like it.


Thanks patty3 that grass looks part screen for the garden 

below is the red and green grass - blood grass just looked it up that looks good

Think I like the Naturalistic garden look bit more my style in some parts of the garden not in the veg area though



Carex oshimensis 'evergold' is a cracking little grass too- (sedge really) Brightens a dull space and looks good all year round. I've used them in all sorts of places and they look quite good in 'long tom' pots as a feature- 3 or 5 in a row. 

Never known. Stipa Gigantea to seed. Some of the others yes, like Tennuissima.
A wonderful grass, a grass of class, is hackonochloa . ,it colour changes from yellow to orange and looks esp good cascading from a pot


Verdun wrote (see)

A wonderful grass, a grass of class, is hackonochloa . ,it colour changes from yellow to orange and looks esp good cascading from a pot

Absolutely Verdun it's terrific 

Gardening Grandma

You're doing a great job, Brumbull. i really enjoy your kindly interaction on these boards. Have a great day, DavidK.

David K wrote (see)

Quite right I don't like Monty Don. Nothing personal (I'd be quite happy to share a pint in the pub with him) but I don't rate is ability as a gardener and I have sufficient knowledge to know what I'm talking about.....on the other hand, I will concede he is a good communicator & presenter.

I do have this gripe at the moment about the amount of money being spent on his garden.... and probably more to the point who is paying for it and when he leaves the program, will there be any reimbursement (if applicable) to the BBC.

At the start of the series, I don't think it could have escaped anyone's notice that the place was little more than a neglected dump....I certainly wouldn't have liked to call it my garden. The contrast now is remarkable, there has obviously been large sums of money spent on structural changes & labour.

Time will tell if I'm right or wrong.




The only thing you would be getting from Monty Don in a pub would be a pint of bitter.

Stop with all the righteous indignation about the use of your poxy license fee will you. Would you rather it was spent on a smart new greenhouse in support of the nation's favourite gardening show, or on another fat cat BBC executive's junket to Dubai, or a new suit for Sir Brucie perhaps? Get some perspective. I mean a few comments ago you were actually ranting about how many African orphans the greenhouse money could be saving, you couldn't make it up.

And your assertion that Longmeadow was a "neglected dump" before it got a massive cash injection from the downtrodden taxpayer.. that's just pure trash talk coming from a nobody on an internet forum who clearly has an axe to grind.

If you're that bothered by what MD gets paid to present the programme from his own home, submit a freedom of information request and enlighten us with some facts for a change you moaning git.