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08/08/2013 at 21:07

Ive been asked a few times what i find so interesting about gardening!

Well not being one who can abide idiots and also being happy with my own company

I found gardening a choice that was at the time very interesting to learn and its a hobby you can do as a one man or woman hobby or as a family,

the growing of food for the table or the flowers and shrubs is all very nice and as you find problems if your interested you'll soon be taking the hobby that stage further by reading the solution to those problems.

The years have past and a few pet dogs also,

all we're constant friends on my allotment and they enjoyed the walks to the allotment and one or two old dogs enjoyed the fresh plums off my victoria plum tree when i was'nt looking.

I myself found some good long term friends due to the allotment days and all gardeners enjoy talking about "the garden"

Your never far away from something thats needed to be done when your gardening even in the hardest of winters plans have to be thought out ref spring and whats going to be sown here or there,

Nature wont let you sit doing nothing "if your not keeping grips on your land "mother nature" will reclaim it back.

So for me the good thing about gardening as a long term hobby is the peace the garden can offer and the wild life that's part of the scene and the feel that your doing no harm to anyone but getting the satisfaction of growing your own.

Anyone feel the same?

08/08/2013 at 21:20

Well put SD.

My garden is my haven,my place to choose to be alone or not,a place to mull over problems, and cheer myself up if it has been a bad day.

I get great satisfaction from growing and picking my own veg,nothing tastes better , pottering down the garden and picking what you will be cooking that day is a real pleasure.

I love just sitting and looking at the flowers and shrubs and enjoying the peace and tranquility.The wildlife is an added bonus.

To me gardening is  a hobby and a joy,and over the past few months since joining this forum,I have been able to share my love of gardening with like minded people,enjoy a sociable chat, and get good advice when needed.

08/08/2013 at 21:31

Pretty well sums it up for me too Smokin

Its a retreat or haven as Gilly says.  A great antidepressent too.  Some jobs, ESP in the summer have to be done and my dog loves me being outside.  Sometimes it's a chore but when I see a new flower seemingly overnight it lifts my spirits.  If you like your own space occasionally the garden is perfect. 

Gemerally the garden brings out the pleasant side of people....however, not that growing for competition or show where the enjoyment of growing simply for beauty or taste is overlooked.  For me, someone who has no ability to paint, draw or sculpt, I get a chance to use some creative skills perhaps

08/08/2013 at 21:35

Totally agree Verdun,

I could not bear to grow for competitions where carrots are measured religiously for length and everything has to be as big as possible.

The best rule about gardening is there are no rules.

09/08/2013 at 09:07

Ive always liked good paintings and having no back ground as a child born in the slums of Liverpool then i didnt come into contact with much in the way of the arts,

But two things came into my life at a very early age (1) was being lined up along the pavement "flag in had" along with all the lamp post and other class mates and told when you see the Queen wave your flag and cheer  "And if your really loud and wave hard the Queen may just see you and smile and wave her hand"

Well as her rolls royce drove past i stopped waving and cheering and only could see the next love in my future life, my reflection in the doors of this big black rolls royce I'd fallen in love with quality cars,

Little did i know in the years to come i'd own such cars and as i write this sitting in the barn is proberly the last quality car i'll ever own due to my age and just that "quality" thing, its as good today as the day it was made and used daily.

 (2)  Art and gardening came as a second nice surprise in my life,

I started gardening and soon learnt both art & gardening go hand in hand,

ie the Lawn's the blank canvas or the back ground its now time to fill in the rest,

the odd tree here the bush there, the bedding borders, the little statue, bird bath, arbour etc and if your a pet lover? the resting and special place your past pets rest,

this little spot is always more special and every day (as i now can) garden as much as i like,

  I walk past the resting place and say or think "good morning" to those past true friends laying resting there all they ever wanted was love and understanding.

The garden to me is a piece of my art be it good or in others eyes not so good,

But a changing picture year in & year out with future memouries being made day by day be it the newer dog trying to climb up the plum tree for his plum treat or the old german sheperd who'd be very badly treated by its last owner "locked in a celler for two years, full of fear when i recieved the call from the S.P A. to please help,

Now that same dog two years on walks the garden in peace and loves her later years in life (aged 11 yrs)  again knowing she'll never be closed in a cellar but has open space to be her self.,

who knows how this piece of garden art will change in the years to come!

More birds being able to get through the winter thanks to regular feeding and less bugs for me to worry about in the spring thanks to the very same birds paying me back for the winter feeds,

Im sure many a person serving time for taking the wrong roads in life could have enjoyed the joys of gardening if they'd found them.

09/08/2013 at 09:49

Hi, S D

I too find peace and pleasure in gardening, and how every year is different.

 it is good for the soul to be in touch with nature.

You do have a way with words, the dog story was so nice.

09/08/2013 at 10:41

Gilly- ditto everything you said in your first post 

SD- I'm not a 'dog' person but there's a tear rolling down my cheek right now.

Gardens give us so much pleasure- in so many different ways don't they?

09/08/2013 at 12:45

This is a very nice thread.  Enjoying it

12/08/2013 at 07:15

How lovely this thread is- I too am in tears.

My mum always says gardening is good for the soul.


12/08/2013 at 08:40

Hi potty,

your mum was right, have a look at todays reply to the feel/the secret  thread ,

Ive put a very good example of what just a little tiny plot can mean to a person on both a weekly care of this plot and the thoughts this person feels having such a plot.

It's in a poem form but very true to what your mums said.

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