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Well put SD.

My garden is my haven,my place to choose to be alone or not,a place to mull over problems, and cheer myself up if it has been a bad day.

I get great satisfaction from growing and picking my own veg,nothing tastes better , pottering down the garden and picking what you will be cooking that day is a real pleasure.

I love just sitting and looking at the flowers and shrubs and enjoying the peace and tranquility.The wildlife is an added bonus.

To me gardening is  a hobby and a joy,and over the past few months since joining this forum,I have been able to share my love of gardening with like minded people,enjoy a sociable chat, and get good advice when needed.

Pretty well sums it up for me too Smokin

Its a retreat or haven as Gilly says.  A great antidepressent too.  Some jobs, ESP in the summer have to be done and my dog loves me being outside.  Sometimes it's a chore but when I see a new flower seemingly overnight it lifts my spirits.  If you like your own space occasionally the garden is perfect. 

Gemerally the garden brings out the pleasant side of people....however, not that growing for competition or show where the enjoyment of growing simply for beauty or taste is overlooked.  For me, someone who has no ability to paint, draw or sculpt, I get a chance to use some creative skills perhaps


Totally agree Verdun,

I could not bear to grow for competitions where carrots are measured religiously for length and everything has to be as big as possible.

The best rule about gardening is there are no rules.

Hi, S D

I too find peace and pleasure in gardening, and how every year is different.

 it is good for the soul to be in touch with nature.

You do have a way with words, the dog story was so nice.


Gilly- ditto everything you said in your first post 

SD- I'm not a 'dog' person but there's a tear rolling down my cheek right now.

Gardens give us so much pleasure- in so many different ways don't they?


This is a very nice thread.  Enjoying it

The potty gardener

How lovely this thread is- I too am in tears.

My mum always says gardening is good for the soul.


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