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your right sam, there are a million cookery programes, along with so called reality tv, history, wildlife, home improvement, house programes, drama and crime. But no dedication to one of the main sources of life on this planet - plants

Oakley Witch
;) @ bunny. I love the term hehe. After all...I dont know about others but I spend more time in the garden nibbling on the harvest than in the house cooking it lol.
Thanks dave. I will get a good old cup of dino wee and get my feet up lol.


Oakley Witch
Only thing with the last gardenin was all repeats. I say fetch it back. Us forgetables need the repeats lol. I dont know about everyone else but so sick of the whole wedding tv...etc. They dedicate 2 to food so why not us mudbunnies? Cant wait for GW to return.


From Becks yesterday

"Monty just tweeted:

2nd days filming for next week's GW went well. Cold, grey day but warm bright programme. Lovely VT's, snowdrops, paths, pruning and Nigel.



Looking forward to seeing Nigel back on his paws again fit and well.


does anyone remember geoff hamilton,just befor he died i went to see his cottage garden i met his son very nice chap but i was amazed at how small his garden was as it looked huge on tv same with alan tichmarsh so i wonder how big montys garden is,i would love to go and have a good old nosy

Bunny ...
Nigel reminds me of my dog ... Except better behaved , he drops ball and lays down , mine persists .... Persists ..... Sits on plant , in hole , anything .... To play NOW
A lot remember Geoff Hamilton here , I remember my parents watching when I was little and watching with them ...little did I know I too would have the garden bug
Would love to see GW on tv from first to now ...although in winter as otherwise I'd get nothing done in garden now
hollie hock

Looking forward to it as well as Beechgrove being on the TV.

Bunny ...
I dread to near the posts afterwards ....the don't likes , wish it had ...

Hi ,The BBC without exception make the best garden programs, R,T,E . will make a six week garden program once in a blue moon , and believe they have done a great job , have any of you seen Amarican's TV attempt at Gardening ,.Yeach sick


Bunny ...
Didn't say they didn't Derek ...some won't like GW some will...



Who could forget the Great Geoff Hamilton R,I, P



Bunny ...
Some don't even know him though Derek .....times change ... We get older ..
I was a child when he was on tv so don't remember a lot ..
Bunny ...
.... But I wish it was on for an hour

an hour wouldn't be too much to ask at all. The thing I'm not that keen about is when they go visiting places, it's not hard to google gardens and see what they are about. We really don't need half the programme watching carol or somebody pottering about a set of gardens maintained by 40 staff. With 30mins they should be trying to pack as much advice in as possible, not showing us various gardens when they are at their best, they could just add at the end, 'if you want to get out to see some gardens this month' go to, and then list them with what is worth going to see. It is nice to see the gardens, but it's never going to be as great as going to see them yourself, to me is a waste of time in the programme.

Gardening Grandma

The gardening channel closed because of lack of advertising and I guess that shows that such a channel is not viable because no-one will invest. However , why can't one of the homes channels be a homes and gardens channel with time given to gardening programmes. I remember being at home ill about 20 years ago and being able to find half a dozen gardening programmes on different channels to watch during the day - and that was before Sky (or before I had it, anyway). Stefan Buczacki, Geoff Hamilton and a rather silly gardening quiz show come to mind, as well as GW. All that is now out of fashion, presumably because it is regarded as attracting mostly older viewers. Now, there seems to be a resurgence of interest in making and growing among younger people, and this seems quite a good time to revive gardening programmes.