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do any of you know if the vernon geranium company are part of a group, i have just recieved a catalogue in the post

I purchased some plants from Vernon Geraniums but that was some 12 years ago.  I understood they were an individual company at that time.


thanks Edd very helpfull

Mark 499

Yes same company as T&M, had problems with them last year, plants arrived detached from their plugs, unbelievably they were just cuttings with no roots pushed into a plug.

Well I have ordered a few,pelargoniums,from vernon nursery.  I ordered from them last year and am,surprised they are linked to T & M. ,would not have ordered had I known


Hiya Edd

Hmm! Well they were small....very small....but they grew on well enough. 2 plants arrived in poor state and replaced.

Looking back, it must have been 2 years ago now when I last ordered.  


i wontt be using them if they have any conection to T&M


Vernon geranium catalogue on the mat when I got in this evening, My first thought was that it was T&M

Vernon geraniums used to have a good reputation, but as with Van meeuwen which is T&M under another name, I won't be using them.

Verdun and Little Ann............I was somewhat surprised to see the negative response to T&M and wondered whether I was missing something ?

I have purchased seeds from T&M for donkey's years but had a break for 10 years when I was in Europe.  Since I came back to UK 2 years ago, I have had seeds which had  no worse germination results from other seed companies.   

For the first time last year, I bought some annual basket plants from T&M - they arrived in good condition and performed as well as I had expected.

I confess I'd rather mooch around small nurseries for the important stuff .......more interesting anyway than online..........but I would be interested to know what you can tell me about T&M which makes them a bad deal.  



I bought a plum and a greengage tree from T&M, with the assurance they would be covered in blossom and fruit after the first year of planting, so far after three years there has been approximately a dozen blossoms on each and no fruit.  I contacted the company and never had a reply.

I wondered how Vernon Geranium knew my details, this thread explains it.  Can anyone recommend a mail order company?


last year i ordered begonia plug plants, sweet potato slips and an orange buddlia 

when i ordered i was given delivery dates nothing arrived when it should the begonias were very early and despite potting on and keeping them in the the warm greenhouse  none did very well, when the buddlias did arrive and eventually fowered they were bog standard purple. i did complain but wasnt very happy with the response i got so i wont use them again

I found out via a wrong telephone number I was given!when dialing it T &M answered then asked how I had got the number. I was obviously the same switchboard the telephonist was coy about the relationship with Vernon but eventually admitted they had been bought out by T & M.

i would not use them again because of recent poor service and product.

mike w


Mark 499

I think T&M were a reputable company but recently quality control seems to have gone out of the window.

I was told that they use third party suppliers for their plants & pay them very little for growing them.

Thank you for the updated information, I sincerely hope my order arrives intact.  Sad that an old established company has gone to T & M.

Likewise Alan Romans Scottish potato company, which was **** Brilliant *****at reasonable prices, dear old Alan is now with T & M.

Smaller companies cannot compete with the mega size companies.


Yes, Vernon does belong to T&M. I have been buying speciality Geraniums from them for years and received a pile of very sad plants last year. Their customer service was excellent till then, and on investergating found to my horror that they were part of T&M. (I have had problems with T&M) big time.)

Sadly, the small speciality nurseries are finding it very hard to survive. I use my local small nurseries and smallholdings and they all say that it is tough and they are running at a loss.

Large companies have their fingers in alot of pies and can get away with non existant coustomer service by cheaper pricing and using their profits to propup weaker ones. At the end of the day, we the customers decide who gets our hard earned cash, and unfortunately, lower pricing wins........look at TESCO. 





Edd the thread is called the good guys, bumped it up for you.

I was delighted to read that other keen gardeners have had trouble with T&M.I purchased geranium plugs last year from them,they were appalling I emailed numerous times only to be totally ignored. I also purchased 2 packets of seed, germination forget it. I will never deal with the company again and I certainly would not recommend the company.


Ditto everyone, bought some Fuchsia's a couple of years ago from T&M, were meant to be orange! Well, had about 70% survival rate of what was received, were so small they didn't start to flower until mid July and were those garish blousy large flowered things, (apologies to anyone who like those). I sent an email complaint with pictures and they did eventually reply saying "we're sorry you're not happy with your plants here's a £20 voucher for more of the same" no explanation or admittance to error on their part. Not the first time bad experience with them but definitely the last, didn't use the voucher either!


A lot of companies are tied up with each other, I ordered a tray of primrose plugs from Parkers, they came direct to me from jersey plants.


I used to use T&M, but looking at their site this year, so few of the plant descriptions mention the size they grow to. I emailed cust. svs. at T&M and they agreed that plant size should be included - but it isn't.

So this year I ordered from Mr Fothergills - often twice the number of seeds at considerably less than T&M prices. Whereas T&M Petunia seed is loose in the packet and almost impossible to see, Mr F. Petunia seed comes in a small vial. I sowed them 10 days ago - and looks like they're all up.

I do buy shrubs/perennials from Crocus. You can get a 20% discount from codes on this site. The plants are good, if a bit pricey. But often when a plant arrives, you can split it or take cuttings. I split an Aster into 5 last yr when it arrived and they are all substantial plants now.

I've tried van Meuven (?) and the plants they supplied were very poor and Parkers weren't much better.