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I have just found my first lilly beetles of the year on my fritillaries. So be on the look out and happy squashing


I'd better check mine tomorrow. 

Until about 5 years ago I'd never seen one. 


Alive and kicking in my garden

chilli lover

Saw my first ones last week on lillies and fritillaria - yeeuch!


Growing lilies for the first time this year ..... I'm waiting for the inevitable onslaught


The potty gardener

Had a look out today but couldn't see any. Mind you not all my Lilies have sprouted yet.

hollie hock

None of my lillies are showing any sign of life, never seen one in the last couple of years here


My first last week on my Ceanothus, interestingly enough, I had discarded a pile of compost under the Ceanothus that had been used to pot my lilies.It had a few rotten lily scales in it.


indeed, get the tea strainer out, we have also found a few - why can't they take a hint - better yet, how can we teah some of the birds that they are delicious to eat?  Mind, it is is possible that they are not, that colour doesn't usually occur on anything that tastes good to something!

Yes have found them on my frittilarias. Its quite satisfying to sqush the little bu@@##

I killed one on Sunday, couldn't believe it, never had them in the garden before. No where near the lilies though, it was crawling up the side of a raised bed near to mooli seedlings. It was orange and dropped onto the soil, black on the underside so it must have been a lilly beetle




Can you keep all the lily beetles down south please....

I didn't have too many problems with them up here until a few years ago but they were quickly despatched! I'm intending getting lilies here so will have to put a sign out for the birds....


Killed one on a lilly in the GH today. Never had them before this year and all my lilies are grown in pots. Me thinks they've been imported in compost, is that possible  

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