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Hi All,

I have to admit that I do quite like the chatty threads.  I am disabled and have two small children, so am limited in what I can do and the amount of adult contact I have.  GW forums keep me sane.  I have asked questions and had them answered, and passed on bits of what little gardening knowledge I have.  Adult debate should be welcomed, for every garden there is a gardener, and thank goodness our gardens are not all the same, neither should our opinions be the same, it's all part of life's rich tapestry.

The trouble with forums is you can't always tell from the written post if the poster is joking, having a leg-pull or being downright rude.  I always intend my posts to be light hearted, and sincerely hope I've not upset anyone, I've had some brillant advice and lots of laughs from this forum.  Unfortunately I've also had to ignore several trolls., a small price to pay for the wealth of knowledge & friendliness on here.

I am not a contributor to the 'fork handles' thread, mainly because I feel the need to read through the 4000+ posts (yes, I put the anal into analyst), which is why, probably like many others, I didn't realise the implications of using the term 'forkers'.

It's not my intention to insult, belittle or take the p*** out of anyone on here, so if I've upset anyone, you have my sincerest apologies, my life would be a fair bit poorer if GW forums didn't exist.


MMP 'I put the anal in analyst'    

Thanks for you comments in future I shall just dive in and enjoy what ever banter is going on it was just when I was in the problem questions found my self reading something that had nothing to do with plants.


Right- as we are all happy again

Lyn makes a very good point -one of the main reasons why this forum is here is to help others -so can we forget all this navel glazing-and perhaps cut down on the periphael threads a bit-a least two questions have appeared in the last hour-no one has helped?

Lyn wrote (see)
Unfortunately Geoff, the more general chatty threads that are opened, the more it is open to misunderstanding s. There are loads of these threads being opened now, 2 on the weather, and about 10 others with chat about everything from soup to nuts, to coin a phrase.
I can see that this is obviously the way to go on the GW site, one only has to look at the amount of comments open chat gets compared to someone asking a gardener question.
Some attract no comments at all..


I'm just wondering whether it might be worth asking Daniel if he can arrange the addition of a 'General Chat/ Over the Garden Fence' to the Forum Topics list?



happy days are here again

Hiya figrat, I think the formula for the forum is about right. We are naturally expanding it and moulding it
It's going to be nice to open the forum pages in the morning just to say hello.
Yep, Chica, happy days again....even the budget today was ok...ish!
figrat wrote (see)

I'm just wondering whether it might be worth asking Daniel if he can arrange the addition of a 'General Chat/ Over the Garden Fence' to the Forum Topics list?

Isn't that what The Potting Shed is for? 

Oh probably! But have been so up my back passage ( check Forkhandles thread) the last few days, having seen this latest post troll disharmony erupt and resolve itself, I just wanted to contribute something positive.
But it's nice to be comfy again.
Figrat, nice thought though

Isn't it? (((hug))) 

 I think we need a 'hug' smiley, now everyone's friends again 

Anyone got any cake? - OH says there's only Battenburg left and I hate Battenburg - his Mum always sends us home with Battenburg 


I must confess, I've gone right off this forum. I used to like it as well - hmm...shame.


There's been somemisunderstanding and bickering, apologies have been offered and accepted, everyone's friends again - happy families - what's not to like? 

Bunny ...
Dove I have gooey choc cake ..... ???? I love battenburg ...remove marzipan eat...then square by square
Composting Battenburg's another option.



Hmmm I still feel there's something lurking in the background. I've been away for a few months and something has changed in that time. 

Bunny ...
Noooo figrat send it here dove
I think many of us might feel a bit twitchy, Mm. I took the winter off, just feeling happy now to talk to fellow gardeners and old cyber friends.
hollie hock

I have to say that I have found that some members want to control and moderate this forum themselves when it isn't theirs to do so. I think that the internet forums are really a reflection of true life, be it down the pub, in the office, or in the home. As people we are not going to get on all the time. As long as we all abide by the rules of the forum, we are free to post and say what we want we want.

I think the equilibrium should be shifted/challenged  from time to time, the status quo sometimes can do more harm than good.