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Good morning one and all

24 hours ago this was a friendly happy place-but then a lot of bickering and some unnecessary comments were posted to upset the equilibrium.

As someone who posts frequently -perhaps too frequently-can I just send a message to old and new alike- there do not need to be gangs or cliques -if you start or contribute to a thread you do not own it-you don't set the rules- and all are free to post-it is not a competition

The forkers term was created elsewhere-I-now after a bit of contemplation accept that is a compliment that others want to use it to address each other-unless someone has another idea?

So come on-lets all put this behind us-we are a community of gardeners not a load of people looking for a fight

Lets us get back to happy times-families always fall out-but they usually make up again

Sermon ends


Jean Genie

Loverly Jubberly   Gets my vote. !


Sounds good

This is the best gardening forum on the web,Dont spoil it.


well done Geoff 

Sotongeoff the only people I fall out with are the local council when the allotment fees go up we allways loose as well.Lifes too short and its getting even shorter.

Unfortunately Geoff, the more general chatty threads that are opened, the more it is open to misunderstanding s. There are loads of these threads being opened now, 2 on the weather, and about 10 others with chat about everything from soup to nuts, to coin a phrase.
I can see that this is obviously the way to go on the GW site, one only has to look at the amount of comments open chat gets compared to someone asking a gardener question.
Some attract no comments at all..
Hi Geoff.. You can tell the battle has been lost when someone opens a 'whinge' thread. It is sad that people seem to prefer posting on those rather than being more innovative and creative on the gardening threads. Perhaps the publishing world (currently in difficulties) should note this and bring out Whinge Weekly and fill it with Daily Fail style rants. Why oh why... Etc. sure fire winner with a guaranteed circulation of millions.



for forks sake, is the war over.. 

Yes I am a bit confused as I am just starting out using the GW forum find so many different topics are been talked about in all categories so when asking or answering I am finding the thread has moved on to something completely different to the original question, (is this normal?) as I said is a bit confusing to someone just starting out using this site 

Caz W

Sounds good to me Geoff - here's to happy days ahead


Cornish Boy, Sometimes these threads just naturally evolve, they might go off track slightly (in the case of "Fork Handles" - wildy) but that is the nature of the group . There are some excellent posters with alot of good advice and help. If you come to a thread that is relevant and you have a relevant comment then by all means make it. It's not that a thread moves on, its just that some people post more than others and it may be on a different subject when you come to comment. (do you have a particular thread in mind eg?).


Cornish Boy, I have found that if you ask a question you will normally get several helpful answers and once that has happened it disappears down the line.
However, many of us gardeners like a natter over the garden fence and so there are a number of general chit chat threads where topics can move on rapidly. There's usually some gardening in there too but those can be a bit daunting to someone new. It can seem that all the natterers know each other and you may imagine it would be hard to join in. However, if chit chat is something you enjoy you will be welcomed on any of those threads. Just dive on in, introduce yourself and go with the flow.