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 Morning all  now im planning to cover the southside of the bungalow with wisteria, BUT along the side of the house is a 4 foot wide path cant be removed,can i grow wisteria in large containers  please


According to the RHS, wisteria can be grown in pots as a standard.  See below.  presumably this is because being trained a sa standard limits growth and thus food and water requirements.   If you want to cover a bungalow wall with a wisteria I suggest you plant it in th eground on the other side of the path and lead it across to teh wall with an arch or pergola of some sort.  That way it will be able to get its roots down deep and seek all the nutrients and water it needs for such strong growth.

RHS advice -

Container cultivation

Wisterias are usually thought of as climbers, but you can grow wisterias in containers, and train as a standard. This is particularly suitable for a small garden. See the advice profile on pruning and training wisteria for more information on container cultivation.

Containerised wisterias can be fed with liquid tomato fertiliser, phostrogen, miracle grow or similar flowering plant foods. Mixing controlled release fertiliser granules into the compost is another alternative.


cheers  Obelixx


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