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Hello Mike

Many apologies; I have only just read this thread and seen what you are going through.  I can only echo what everyone on here has said - you are entering a period of transition and adjustment, coping with distressing and bewildering symptoms that take away your sense of self and facing a number of future treatments, investigations and follow-up appointments that seem beyond your control. 

You took a very important and self-affirming step by sharing how you feel.  Well done, that is the first step to reclaiming yourself.  The second thing that you can do is get some help from people who know what is happening and how you may be feeling.  There are people out there who can help you.  Please have a look at these links: people who have had similar experiences to you will be able to help you.

Good luck.  Remember you do have a choice in all of this.  I know it can seem that you're on a conveyor belt, but trust me, all the Doctors and Nurses want to do is help you.  It's just they've got other people to help too, so it seems like no-one cares about you and what you want.  But you have the power to say no, if you choose to exercise it.  And you also have the power to say yes. 

Take care


Oh Mike, I had to laugh at your description of your planned encounter with 'David Attenborough' on the 31st July, I think that commentary would make you and me squirm. And you definitely have my sympathies on the blood tests, I hate them, hope I get to a point when I can watch the claret flow - although I guess we would both prefer never to have got to that stage.

Am glad you have being out in the garden.
star gaze lily

Sorry Mike, just want to add my very best wishes to you,  take care and hugs x


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