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check out bbc 1 tonight. Great  Ormond St Hospital  and a lovely garden twist

should be quite special 

Will Iplayer it later... I am anticipating tears... 


There were tears from a number of people me included.

Lovely prog ...AuntyRach  you will need your hankie 

What an amazing achievement from the whole team. They have created a beautiful space which will have a positive effect on so many families during their bleakest times. Heartbreaking and heartwarming.



I didn't notice any water feature in the garden (unlike at Chelsea). Did I miss it? It would be good to have something to attract birds, I feel. But anyway, it was an impressive project. Well done!

Go out and buy the biggest box of Kleenex you can find before watching it.  The stories of Billy's and Julian's children were enough to set me off.  I also didn't know about Chris Beardshaw's health problems.


I tuned into this programme but found I couldn't watch after very sick children were featured with their brave parents. It was all too sad for me so I didn't get to see how the garden was transported. This was a lovely idea though and  I do hope people can enjoy it.

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