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That reminds me Smokin, When I bought my bungalow 4 years ago, It had never had a penny spent on it. Still had a 1950's kitchen and bathroom. When I had the bathroom done, they lifted the floor boards and there is a 2ft gap to ground and about 1ft worth of a fine dusty soil. The plumber's started pulling up all these mini glass & pot type bottles about 2inch in size. About 30 of them. I was thinking the house builders must of left them when building in the 50s. The day before the new floor was going down, I lifted the floor board back up myself and put them back in the dusty soil.   

flowering rose

I remember many years ago when I lived in the country ,(we had a massive garden) we had lots of air raid shelters and one big corragatted one that had a office and garage.This one was pulled down and my brother found after a little digging ,the remains of a horse and the cart ,which had belonged to the milkman many years before.

Oh Smokin, that is so sad.


Smokin I was thinking it's was going to be a cat. Almost..

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