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Usually plastic nowadays but do have a few decorative "china" type ones

Any reason for asking?


I use plastic, but nice realistic looking, not cheap, brittle and nasty. They survive frosts without cracking, are easy to move and don't let water evaporate too quickly when you live somewhere with hot summers (Dordogne).

I use plastic but use clay pots for more decorative plants, think they look nice. I am going to use one for repotting an orchid, apparently they are recommended, will give it a go.

I smell a Grid.



According to my reviews -just checked-I also have reviewed 1237-and I haven't reviewed a single one

Must be some sort of fault setting -yours is the same

chilli lover

Yikes! See what you mean!  Ok I'm with troll too! Something to report to the site feedback page - over to you Geoff!

Thanks Geoff. A couple of weeks ago my flower review came up with over a thousand, didn't think to report that as faulty, didn't realise I could.

@ jon cob what a silly question as am am sure we all use whats at handyou silly boy




I don't understand all this. It says I have 1237 reviews too and I haven't reviewed anything. I think jon cob is owed an apology if he is being called a grid or a troll. This is meant to be a friendly forum. Or have I missed something here?


Bunny ...
Beats me Jon cob...con job....or Jon cob...

I use all anyway.
Bunny ...
Well nice to know a little more joncob
I did quite a bit of raking up the past few days, we have a big wildish garden here at the flats, I love going out there with my wellies on and rain coat (it was cloudy and overcast so I wasn't taking any chances!)
Thoroughly enjoyed it, not much to show for my efforts but it did me good. Tired today so I am going to go into town and chill with a coffee and muffin. May even go to the library and get a good book.
Have a good day guys.
Bunny ...
Did you mean to post in this one flower bird or on forks ...your day sounds lovely , muffin and library , nice
Not sure where to post these types of comments so thort I would stick it anywhere, ha ha.
Think I might go for a sticky chocolate muffin, the biggest one I can find. My diet can start tomorrow.