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Hi all just an update on Jeyes fluid spray,its now about 4/5 months,since i started the spraying and now its about 4 months sinse any cat probs , good result for Jeyes its still working and i hav,nt sprayed for 2 months even through the torrential rain its still working just for anyone with the same probs Alan

Is Jeyes fluid the same a Javel bleach? Or would Dettol work just the same?

Thanks for the update.


Sue- Jeyes is really strong and concentrated-if you smell it undiluted it would take your breath away compared with Dettol, so I'm not sure the result would be the same. I expect someone here will know the 'chemical' difference though. Haven't heard of Javel bleach I'm afraid.

Highland Jeannie

I soaked some teabags in (undiluted) Jeyes & put them in a narrow side entrance, yesterday a cat walked in that direction then turned away.

I think it smells a bit like creosote.

Did you dilute Alan?  Did it stain the wall/fence that you sprayed?




Hi i used the ""ready to use """ spray it took about 3 days to have an effect then Kate bought a tin of it so i just followed the dilute on the label instructions, i did by accident spray a weed which died nicely ,it seems to do what it says on the label a very good disinfectant and weed killer it seems ,i also use it for my water butts cleansing once a year when i drain down in winter,i didn't get any staining that i can think of,i also read about soaking teabags in it and burying 2 inches below the soil where the cats gather also they said any muscle joint spray on the teabags works very well i hav,nt needed to try these as Jeyes has worked so well for months now and im very happy as my history on here will tell, Right im off sorry no smileys on here they have disapered for some reason
good luck all Alan4711

Will be trying this myself, thanks Alan!


I shall be trying the teabag method i think. There's one particular cat that sits in the flower bed next to my wildlife pond with an eye to helping itself to the frogs.This might fettle it!

Lesley Cardiff

So glad I read this thread, will be rushing home to soak tea bags in Jeyes - my neighbour has 4 cats and they all use my flower beds!  Would also recommend Jeyes for cleaning, especially washing down the greenhouse to eliminate green mould.

Thanks guys


thank you or the advice, ive got jays and will soak t-bags in it to stop 1 cat using my front path boarder as its personal toilet.




Was digging out buttercups from my new bed yesterday and found where next door's cat has decided to use for its toilet. Can straight in, got a third of the teabags I have been collecting, soaked in Jeyes and scattered the over the bed.  Hope that's OK.  I only wish my neighbour wouldn't think it so funny.

Lesley Cardiff

This really works.  Tried it on one flowerbed, and sure enough the cats left it alone and moved on to another (untreated) bed!  So all the beds have now had the Jeyes/tea bag treatment.

I shall definitely be giving this a try tomorrow, my neighbours cat is driving me mad.

make sure you dilute jeyes properly. i used it to wash our stables out and the dog went in the water it caused horendous chemical burns. it is brilliant stuff but if it gets on the fur of animals it can do some real harm. I hate cats in the garden too so use it diluted as even thoughh I dont like cats i would not want them to be hurt


thanks for this tip will try it tomorrow seem to b e plagued with neighbourhood cats using my garden as there personal toilet

Highland Jeannie

Watched 2 cats last week sniff a bag then walk right past, so had to put down some new ones.  I was surprised that they were not bothered, as the bags still smelled quite strong.


I had  success with tea bags soaked in ordinary (pine) disinfectant when cat started regularly using my herb container as a toilet!

I have a bigger garden now and jeyes/teabags might be a good idea where I'm growing anything edible. I wondered about putting some round the base of the bird feeder (local cats like to hang out there too), but I suspect it might upset the birds too. Do birds smell like mammals?

Please be aware that Jeyes fluid kills cats... even if a bit gets on their fur and then they try to lick it off.

I have two cats who are both currently fighting for their lifes in the vets with poisening... worst thing is that my son is breaking his heart. 

Please please find safe alternatives to keep the neighbours cats off your garden, remember they are someone's much loved pet / part of someone's family.