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I now have some raised beds in my garden for veg growing  - the sort of stuff you want to pick little and often. In one bed I have errected canes for growing beans the length and breadth of bed.

Anyone any ideas what i can plant in the centre to finish picking before the beans block the sun?

I thought greyhound cabbage or sweet corn to grow up through. or pumpkin?


Lettuce and radishes will crop quickly and not mind shade.

Beetroot and chad are fairly quick growing. You might get golf ball sized beetroot before the beans take over.  Radish for some reason didn't grow well for me last year in between a row of peas. 

will give them all a go.  the row is 10' long so should accomodate them all.


Will you be growing any beans for drying Winter soups & stews? 


had not thought of doing so as we have a large family of grown up children and Grand Kids who will no doubt eat them before i get to that.  But if i do what advise do you give for drying?

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