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Hi all just to pass this on from Grow It ,warm and mix Vaseline and a candle or wax add salt let set rub around your pot tops, they say it works i don't have Potts so don't know maybe you might try it Alan4711

Vaseline is just a brand name for White soft paraffin. 500g tub of WSP is cheaper then 100g Vaseline

Betty Brown Eyes

I've always put vaseline around the tops of my hosta pots and so far never had a problem with slugs, the only problem i have is, i forget the vaseline is there and go to move the pots around and end up with greasy fingers! YUK!


We've been hatting about this on another thread recently - it seems to work for some people, but not here - tried just about everything to protect my hosta pots, all 65+ of them, found that really only copper rings work. 

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