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Victoria Sponge

Got the keys to my first ever allotment last week and I'd like to share some pics and projects with you all if I may

It's approx 8m x 25m, mostly flat and with a sprinkling of rubbish. Very mossy at the north facing end.

 Got a shed/shack, full of rubbish and in need of minor repair. Will try and rig up a waterbutt.

This is the heap. The other allotment holders were planning on burning it I believe. Now I've had a closer look I can see there are plastics and tubs of unknown substance within the heap so I'm going to take it apart and dispose of it properly. Might be able to salvage something useful also 

This is the area behind the heap, very mossy, the bank at the back has pushed over a sort of retaining structure. A fellow allotmenteer has informed me there are two rhubarb clumps which is quite exciting. I've marked them with blue pole either side of the berm.

All I've done last weekend is start to gather and dispose of rubbish and have piled some dead stuff together.

Next weekend is more rubbish gathering and I'm going to start clearing an area for my raspberry and blackberry canes. 


That's going to keep you busy! Have fun 

Lot of work there, Vic!  What fun!  Very best of luck with it.....get it cleared, feed it well, stand back, look, look again, think, plan.....feed again, and then start planning the planting! Fantastic space!  ENJOY IT!

Victoria Sponge

Hee hee I'm very excited, my garden (smaller than the allotment) is all done bar tinkering and I needed a new project.

The chair was the first thing I took up - it's required for musing

Victoria Sponge

Apparently it had been empty for two years and before that the guy only used one side of it. It's got some mares tail apparently, not had to deal with that before...



Musing is essential.    Looks like a good project to get your teeth into.  Good luck.  Hope it all goes well.

Victoria Sponge

Yes, Ladybird, that's what I was thinking. I was advised to cover it for 3 years but I'd rather dig it up for 6.

Thanks for all your interest guys, can't wait for the weekend

Missy Krissy

Whoop, whoop! ๐ŸŽ‰ That's is a lovely sized plot! We also acquired our second plot yesterday - very exciting - love unearthing the gems left behind by other gardeners - such fun! Loving the chair and flask of sherry.. Clearly I need to take a leaf out of your book... Our flask of herbal tea and me perching my posterior on a galvanised water tank isn't going to cut the mustard! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Hi Victoria

This takes me back to when I first got my allotment

Received, unworked, lots of rubbish mixed and plenty of weeds, however nice shout about sorting out the rubbish for burning as there in nothing worse than when someone tries to burn plastic it's unhealthy.

Having looked at your photos it takes me back but please please stick in little and often changing jobs so you don't get fed up and I can guarantee you a fantastic return and result.

Good luck and please keep every one updated with as many pictures of your progress.

You never know a bottle of champs next to your chair in the summer 

Happy gardening

Victoria, good luck. I wish I had an allotment.


Good luck Victoria, great idea to take pictures now. When you look back after a year you'll be amazed as to what you've achieved I'm sure.

When I took over my plot I decided on some essential veg that I wanted to grow that year and gave myself a target to clear enough room for them. As time goes on I've dug more areas, it saved trying too hard to get everything done at once.

Kitty 2

I know absolutely nothing about allotments but I do enjoy seeing the progress of a new gardening project.

Good luck with your exciting adventure Victoria๐Ÿ€ I'm looking forward to watching it grow into something wonderful over the coming years

Fantastic bit of space there Victoria ๐Ÿ‘Œ, lots of hardwork to be done but as Chris said, small steps at a time and by this time time next year you will be wondering what all the fuss was about. Looking forward in seeing your progress pics ๐Ÿ˜Š

 Vic , non gardeners would look at your pictures and cringe. I just see pass the mess to how its going to look once you clear away the rubbish and get started planning on what your going to  do with it. I feel a little envious , all that space and starting from scratch...just wonderful. It will be hard work to start with but oh the joy when you have it just how you want it. Good luck with your allotment , looking forward to seeing it as it progresses  


Victoria Sponge

Thanks for your good wishes guys๐Ÿ˜Š I lay awake happily thinking about it last night๐Ÿค 

I should say it wasn't really sherry in the flask just coffee...

I don't really mind tidying up the outside area, even though I'm going to have to take stuff to the tip (carpet, car battery, fire extinguisher etc ๐Ÿค”) I don't really like the shack though, the contents remind me of a dirty house, I'll do 10 mins in there max, at a time

At the moment the ground is really easy to walk on despite being wet, so I'm going to dig as little as poss, just for the fruit I've ordered, until I've got some walkways organised

Victoria Sponge

I know what you mean aym, I'm definitely keeping it. I thought I might try and repair it and paint it at some point. It's the sofa cushions, empty food packets, drinks containers, that I don't like...boxes of rusty metal junk and other oddities It'll seem nicer when it has my own junk in it 

This is it after I'd done the first tidy up - don't have a 'before' pic. Used disposable gloves everywhere โ˜น๏ธ

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You'll find some great allotmenteer channels on YouTube, a very interesting community of folk up & down the country who share their experience in videos.

A fantastic source of inspiration & ideas, can't recommend it highly enough.

Victoria Sponge

Thanks for the idea jeninkent - will take a look.

Did a few hours up 'lotment today. I had a delivery of fruit plants this week so prepped beds to plant up on Boxing Day. Then moved onto collecting rubbish, today's focus: glass.

The white bag is full of the large pieces and I've already removed a 10 litre bag of small bits.

Can anyone identify the plant in the below picture? It spreads by thick roots on the surface.

Lastly I uncovered the brick path running down the middle. Will patch repair and bolster with soil on the low side.


The path was a good find  but all the broken glass wasn't By working at it in stages, the shed and ground will be cleared by spring, ready for you to enjoy the Allotment.