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Last night went out with my trusty torch  (with economy batteries I might add)

and whilst hunting the greedy slugs and snails that have been decimating my african marigolds, what did I stumble upon but 4 weevils sat on the leaves of one of my hydranges.

wipeout!!  job done, mind in a few days or so I'll probably have to spray the plants in and around that plant with systemic vine weevil grub killer.


Hiya peter

Just what I do.  Catch the odd vine weevil on my night torch patrol

But will that stop the grubs eating the roots?


The grubs would already have done their worst IDGM. Getting rid of the adults now means fewer of them to lay their eggs later and therefore prevents grubs for next spring 

Did that make sense?

Yes, the adults you see are just nibbling your leaves.  The real damage is caused by the grubs in the soil before they become e those ugly weevils you see Now.  Peter your best action is to treat the soil with vine weevil killer in September or nematodes then.  Again in spring.  


Bet your boots I will treat the soil, because these little blighters have cost me some nice plants in previous seasons.

But! I couldn't believe my luck on stumbling upon this group of evil weevils.......

The best of ths is, they do not make any attempt to scarper .....Tuf!.......

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