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Did you have a ride on the gallopers?


We didn't - but I regaled the others with the tale of watching my short and plump late ex MIL attempt to change horses mid gallop and ending up hanging by one leg going up and down and round and round until rescued by attendant    - I used to live just a few miles away. 


I have a few pics

OH has made notes for our arched bridge, 

 proof reader required

newt watching

 photos by Mr Nut



Orchid Lady

Lovely pics, looks like you all had a great day and the weather was brilliant for you.

A couple of questions.....what are those purple Pom Pom flowers? Why is it called foggy bottom?

Is that you lovely ladies gazing into the pond?

Its a good job I didn't join you, you would have had to wait while I had a go on the galloping horses, I love merry go rounds 


The pompoms are alliums but we couldn't decide which one. They're much heavier looking than 'Purple Sensation'

Yes, that's us


Thanks Dove and Nut, great photos, looks lovely. Glad you had a good day. Jealous, rained here!

Brilliant pics folks.  Wonderful plants.  Must go myself sometime 


Wow what a lovely place. Great photos & happy looking ladies. Glad you enjoyed it.


Love the pictures, thanks for sharing. 


OL - I love them too - especially that set of gallopers - I've been on them many times - it's local to where I lived when my children were young - I think that yesterday was just too hot and there was ice cream to be eaten 


Oh, it's called Foggy Bottom because it's down the slope from where Alan Bloom lived - it used to be water meadows and he would look across there from his house and it the mist would be gathered there - as it does - I think it sounds rather romantic, in a whimsical sort of way 

Busy Bee2

I wish I could have gone.  I love from your pictures the way they have used the trees like enormous flowers, balancing the different foliage colours and textures.  I am planning stuff with trees here - never really gardened with them before, so it's a whole new area of fascination for me.  OL, I would have joined you on those horses.  And in the ice cream.  Artjak - could you do Barnsdale?  Not sure what there is in mid-Lincolnshire.  We went to Doddington Hall the other day, which is quite nice, but SO many weeds, I almost wanted to start picking them out meself! 

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