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Some of us are planning to meet up at Bressingham Gardens   next Tuesday 20th May.  

So far we've got me, Nut and Panda ........... anyone else interested?

Bressingham is 3 miles from Diss Station so if anyone needs picking up from there it could be arranged. 

Wish i could join you, amexcited there,s a garden show in botanical gardens i can actually get to in june! May be able to drag family to an open garden in dorset when we visit in laws or cornwall on hols!

sorry not gonna make it to bressingham, but maybe arrange to meet you rose at not gardens.



What time are you meeting up? May be able to make it if I'm back from working in London in time.


I can get to Diss for 7 mins past the hour or 28 mins past  If we confirm the time for start (and finish) then I can book tickets, cheaper ahead of time 


If we met in the afternoon would you be more likely to make it artjak?

star gaze lily

Too far for me would love to otherwise. Hope you all have a lovely time x

Would love to come but departing Harwich on  a wine and cheeses cruise same day.


Groan.... was feeling sorry enough for myself not being able to come because of work, and you, AWB, then say wine and cheese cruise..... Ennnnnnvvvvvyyyyyyyy


Snoodle - we can arrange something else for a weekend maybe?  Suggest somewhere you'd like to visit. 


Have a great time all of you

......and show some pics please 



How fabulous!  One of favourite books from the local charity shop is 'Blooms of Bressingham' (the 1992 publication).

Have a great visit and look forward to seeing some photos.  Hope the weather stays good for you.


Nut, it is 73 miles from where I live, but may be coming up from London that morning; best if you tell me when you are meeting up and I could join you if I can.


Whoops, googled wrong Bressingham. It is only 45 miles or so; may be able to make it, just let me know the details

Busy Bee2

I just looked it up, but it would take about three hours by train, plus another 40 mins to get to Newark to catch the train, so it isn't really do-able for me, but meeting up is a lovely idea, and I would certainly come if it was somewhere I could get to easily.