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Does the last weekend in aug suit peeps better? I can't do that one, but if everyone else can then it should be then. Would you then be able to come Artjak? What about everyone else? If you throw me some dates I'll choose when the biggest number can make.
Or a two pronged attack! A double tripper! We go 10th aug. You go end aug. Photo comparisons! See who can get the best shot/ spot the rarest plant/ eat the most cake (blush face)...

Hi Snoodle, August is very full for me. I'll come if I can but don't alter dates for me


Any weekend apart from the 16/17 August should be fine for me 


I can do most dates, but of the 2 mentioned so far ...10th is a really good date for me  so I can come with you Noodle if that's ok.

Last weekend in Aug will be busy getting the garden ready for my holidays. Is everyone else as sad as me spending hours dead heading & staking before they go away so it doesnt look too bad when they get back? - my garden always looks its best the first day of my hols - when I can't see it!! 

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