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I loved Malvern this year - its a lovely show with plenty to see, and the wallet got hit a bit too.  The show gardens were largely beautiful, several spectacular but those and some others were not shown to their best advantage including the schools gardens on the GW programe which was a huge disappointment. Some of the school gardens merited mention - they are our gardening future, with Chris Beardshaw presenting an award to one school. Sadly not even a glance - sorry BBC you've really shot yourself in the foot there. I didn't realise the presenters chose not to go to see them.  Are their boots too small now? The standard of plants as usual lovely despite the winds and weather around in the week before when setting up.  I live fairly locally so it's a joy to be able to go - must now go and plant

Woodgreen wonderboy

Thanks daffyg. for your support on this... we can but hope that they see this and do something about it on another occasion.


Well back, Did not spend as much as I could as I was trying to stick to a ist and not make impulse purchases. Oh so hard.

Did buy a rusty metal obelisk (£14) bargain, some dicentra, a clematis, and some grasses + some odds and ends

Enjoyed the show gardens (pics on garden thread) lived childrens gardens - comment on that thread. 

As ever thouroughly enjoyed myself 

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