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A friend and I started there yesterday and are going back on Tues.

We will volunteer 2days a week to this wondeful interesting project.





Pennine Petal
What a great thing to do, I would enjoy that if I wasn't so far away and didn't have to go back to wor!

And it opens again to the Public in end of March.

Glamis Castle


Highland Jeannie

Bit of a long run from here, have visited some years ago now, but when we do go back I'll look out for you!

Scotkat that is good nice to see when all your hard work is showing, bit far away from here as well.

Going the volunteering gang that is good, I do voulunteering at my local train station it is rewarding when you see a difference.

What sort of thing do you have to do?


..please give an extra feed to Rose 'Albertine', it was the Queen Mother's favourite, apparently...

I will remember that.

Today we were in the glasshouse it was nic ewith sun streaming in I was sowing many seeds.

My friend was doing her painting names on nice wooded tags.

Then we moved a lot of plants into the cold frames.

Tues I have herb seeds to sow.

And a lot of watering.

Once we start to see things change I shall upload photos of the project.

We have a friendly robin comes into the pottign shed he came on my head today and just sat close by.











What a lot you have been doing, seed sowing is enjoyable I think- do you like sowing seeds?

Robins are gardener friends I sometimes see one near me in my garden

photos sound good

I am feeling tired tonight but its wonderful to stand back and see what had been done.

Yes I get many robins in my own garden Gardengirl.



What you been up to at the castle? any more gardening?

No I am just home last night on  holiday  as had been to Singpore.


So have many photos to share from there gardens by the bay.

And the Botanical Gardens 

But you can see some photos here ://

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