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Hi guys I've been to GC to hunt out seeds for planting like M.D. but can only find mixed and would prefer separate red and yellow. Been looking on web but got totally mixed up  not very techno. Have any of you preference of supplier on line?

I'm doing an on line order with Chiltern Seeds, they currently have an offer of 20% off, finishes today I think. The code to use is CHELSEA2015. They have several separate colours of wallflowers for sale. I love this company their catalogue is addictive
hollie hock

Seedaholic stock a nice selection of those mentioned. I got some Fire king? and some purple ones a few weeks ago.

Really like this company, quick, the package is minimal but useful. I've found good germination rates with what ever I bought from them


DT brown have separate colour Wallflower's, but at the moment only got scarlet bedder the yellow one is sold out.
hollie hock

I grew some lovely yellow Cloth of Gold a few years ago, still got one straggler flowering now

Thanks all  I'll hopefully get on the garden tomorrow and will plant up the plants in a rough bed hoping they might comes again next year 


I cannot have wallflowers in my garden or night sented sock either, hayfever and asthma, do others have this problem?


My wallflowers woulnt normally grow well here, they need lime hence the name.. and my soil is acid, I mix a lime wash in the watering can and pour that around them.

I have read that as they are of the cabbage family if you grow them in the same place for several years, the can develope club root, anyone had this problem?

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