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My late Mum used to say, when she won the football pools she would pay for me to have driving lessons, it was the standing joke.  Well, her uncle died she was left some money and when I was 30 she paid for me to have driving lessons, bless her.  I did learn to ride a bike in my early 20s we lived in a blink and miss it village in surrey, the one and only village store closed down I had to cycle a round trip of 5 miles to get a loaf, the busses stopped mid afternoon, my oldest daughter now 47 and I cycled for miles took picnics out, then I got a seat for my son when he was a toddler, came in very handy and kept me really fit, till I learnt to drive.We had "nitty nora" in the 50s. My parents grew a lot of their own fruit and veg, we had chicken, they couldnt kill them, local butcher did that, then they came back for plucking, guy next door supplied bunnies and pidgeon.

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