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I don't like chocolate.

Bunny ...
Fig eat your share .... What can I swap in exchange?
hollie hock

Not much gardening activity will be going on here, it's very cold and very wet. I'm pleased the coldframes had a new thicker plastic sheeting put on, should keep all the seedlings nice and warm.

Given up hope that I will see my crocus flower to their full potential.....always next year

Bunny ...
Maybe they will be fabulous next yr though Hollie look on the bright side .



I'll be scooping the rest of the greenhouse borders out and using it as a mulch on the flower borders.  The greenhouse borders are about 18" deep and lined with 3 layers of old compost bags to retain water and keep the tree roots below from penetrating.  I originally had slabs as a floor in there but removed them from the sides and dug out borders so I could grow taller tomatoes etc.  Works well and needs much less watering than pots but I need about 20 x 70 litre bags of MP compost each year!  Having said that, my flower borders have never looked better now they get a few inches of ex-greenhouse compost spread on them every year, something I rarely seemed to have time to manage before.  So all in all, it's win-win! 

Bunny ...
I need to concrete my trenches in bob , some sort of critter is finding his way in and I now have staging over the trenches. Tried toms but not the weather here .

The advantage of all this ghastly weather is that I've done mountains of paperwork and plan on doing more. If I think about gardening I shall just get depressed. All I can do is switch the parffin heater off in the g/house each morning and back on again at night.

Bunny ...
I know artjak , even did my vat return early today ...

You could try lining them with a couple of layers of 1/2" hole wire mesh first, then plaster over with a layer of cement, Bunny.  The wire mesh will help to keep the vertical sides of the cement lining in place while it sets and will make it much stronger and less likely for bits to break off in the future.  I might do that myself while mine are empty and this cold spell continues - can't do a lot else at the moment!  I've a couple of bags of cement that need using up and plenty of sharp sand - a 3:1 sand:cement mix should do it.  Really glad you posted your reply!

Bunny ...
They're already lined with timber so the cement be fine , I requested the beds left, OH didn't agree ....hehe seems he is right .... And won't I hear about it

All sorts of critters here but then I'm surrounded by arable fields and pasture so moles, ordinary rats, musk rats, assorted mice and voles.    Haven't had to concrete them out though.

Figrat - how very rare you are.  I've only met one other person who disliked chocolate, a couple who can resist and one who is allergic to it.  

Cold and grey here today and OH has indeed gone out to play golf so i'm definitely going to potter and pot in the kitchen. 

Bunny ...

Morning Obelixx and all

An inch of snow over night, still blowing a gale. More snow due for east so that will be us as nearer that way. OH working in workshop probably all weekend so i shall please myself , on the cards today are bread making, cheese & sp onion scones, maybe pizza dough for a pizza tonight ,  filing in office, cleaning  already changed bed so doing well..

We are all fields to Obelixx, have a resisdent pheasant called Phil and this morning Curlews were rumaging for food in the field, the deer, foxes, moles, mice, rat, .

No sign of spring as yet for this weekend ...

Hi Bunny.    It's trying to snow here now but is a bit faint hearted.    Bread and scones and home made pizza dough sound lovely but after 7 weeks of blobbing in the sofa while my foot heals I can't afford such goodies for a while.

I have cleared the decks in the kitchen apart from the teenager who has not yet surfaced to have her breakfast.   She might have to eat it on the hoof as I'm about to cover the table in a plastic cloth and get down and dirty with my tomato and chilli babies and their new pots.

Bunny ...
Ahhhhh I need to wrapping around me for the weather at the moment , that's my excuse ...when it warms il behave

Enjoy making a mess . , least its gardening of sorts



um...I had planned to get into the GH to do a bit of pricking out....but the cold seems to have checked the growth on many of the seedlings. Schizanthus, geranium maderense, zinnias and salvias all have true leaves but the rest are sulking.  As per usual I have eyes bigger than my border so I've sown far too many varieties...*sigh*


On a night tonight so my biggest problem wll be getting into work if this snow keeps up. I've booked a shedload of annual leave after Tuesday so hopefully I will have lots of time in the garden and GH...if only the weather would cheer up.


Hi all. Is this turning into Saturday Kitchen do you think!! Nice when we can talk about stuff we grow to eat although I'm not sure chocolate comes under that category! I have one daughter who'd live on chocolate and the other one can take it or leave it. I'm sure one of them was swapped in that maternity hospital... I've just shaken the snow off my rosemary and thyme so that I can put a bit in my chicken stock. Glad I got my shopping yesterday as it's not looking too clever here at the moment and I no longer have a 4 wheel drive car. Obelixx- my 2 will be unlikely to stir before midday, and they don't get that from me - maybe both of them were swapped at birth. Youngest washed the dishes last night though - just as well with the amount of debris left by her and her pals! 

Bunny ...
Cheerypeabrain ...hopefully your seedlings will be ok , eyes and borders I know but I like spares and to share with family is my excuse

Fairy girl ...maybe I should grow a chocolate tree , mmm soup and fresh herbs lovely

Two inches of snow here (EM) overnight and still falling (almost horizontally with the wind), so can't chuck the compost from the GH onto the borders now..  I have a tray full of baby aquilegias which were sown last summer though, so shall prick them out into 3 inchers.  It's 1.7C outside but the snow doesn't seem to realise it should be melting and not settling!  Also had another bare-root magnolia delivered which will have to go into a pot now (if I can find the bag of ericaceous under the white stuff!)


I'd need to turn the entire garden into a greenhouse to grow enough choc for youngest daughter Chicken and veg soup with all the bits stripped off -yum. My kids don't eat it but it means all the more for me!