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Forgot to say. The best time to take cuttings is when they are in active growth in June. July.

hollie hock

Had a go at taking clemantis cuttings last year and to my surprise they did really well. In the end I over wintered them in a cold frame/sheltered spot and although they are just sticks now I can see the start of the new growth and they have big root systems.

On looking back on the picture in sept I'd forgotten how much growth they had on them.


Bunny ...
Well done Hollie , I intend to plant more clematis this year and will take cuttings as spares .
hollie hock

thanks bunny, worth a go. Will try and do more cuttings of other things this year


Hi Paul,  I do exactly as Rosa and hollie hock advised.  I take the cuttings in about June/July and place 5 around the edge of a 5" pot filled with a 50/50 mixture of multi-purpose compost and sharp sand.  Cover pot with a plastic bag and put somewhere warm but out of direct sunlight. Usually 2 or 3 of them will have rooted by August/September and once they have pot them on individually and over-winter in a cold frame or unheated greenhouse.  Next spring, wait until the new shoots have two pairs of leaves and pinch-out the growing tip, to encourage side-shoots (if you don't do this, you can easily end up with a single, very thin, 6 foot long stem!)  The BBC site advice is similar:


sotongeoff wrote (see)
sotongeoff wrote (see)

I shall be painting a ceiling-or I may be supervising the painting of a ceiling

I didn't-p'raps tomorrow

It is all done-now potting up tomato seedlings with no idea where to put them


Good boy Geoff.  We are now safely back from Antwerp where the teenager and firend had a great time at the Hip Hop competitions.  OH and I had a decnet Italian lunch then visited the cathedral - Ruebens art and some guest stuff on display - and then Ruebens house.  First time it's been open when we've been in Antwerp!

Bit of a grotty drive as the windscreen washers were frozen all teh way and it was -3.5C when we got there with what I shall euphemistically call a bracing wind comng off the river.   Brrrr!

I've checked my seedlings and they're still doing OK.  Been worrying about them damping off with their being so little light on days like today.   Onwards and upwards tomorrow then.

I laways take clematis cuttings and have had several plants to give away to good homes.  This year I've sown seeds from my princess Diana, some viticellas and some integrifolias I bought.  It'll be interesting to see what, if any, comes of those.

 Thank you all for the shared advice about growing clematis from cuttings...

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