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Jean Genie

Has anyone else heard about this mini-heatwave that's going to arrive next week?  Hubbie mentioned it this morning - temp. 80's and going to start at weekend . I truly hope so - not one sweet pea yet . It never ceases to amaze me what a few days of sun will do . Maybe - just maybe ...........

sotongeoff wrote (see)

I have news on the weather front-have now heard and read from 3 separate sources that come the weekend perhaps, just maybe, who knows -Summer is coming -according to my local forecast a week Tuesday-9 days time- it will be 26C-no guarantees and no refunds- usual t&c's apply

Break out the shorts,t-shirts, and bikinis.

I told you 2 days ago-why does no-one believe me anymore

Jean Genie

Soz Geoff . I ALWAYS believe you ! Must have missed that post . Bikini ? Moi ? Be afraid - very afraid !  Making myself a to-do list as we speak . Can't wait for my first sweet pea and there could be hope for my cobaea yet. It would be nice to ditch the wellies.


I am getting strangely excited about Summer -am anticipating the first health warning and complaints about the heat

Parts of the USA are experiencing extreme heat and one of the worst droughts

Jean Genie

Yes , watched that on news last night - sparked  off a rather heated (haha !) debate . Global warming versus weather patterns,



We shall do a Sundance for you David


Green Magpie

Oh, I hope, hope, hope this is right!  We are looking after the grandkids for part of next week, and it would be just fantastic if we could go to the beach rather than seeking our wet-weather attractions (which will be crowded and expensive).

It's already quite dry and bright here and I am heading garden-wards shortly. There is so much to catch up on ...



I think I might just wait to celebrate when I see the evidence outside the door - though it is dry and fairoy bright just now ...............

Alina W

Being well north of London, I'm not holding my breath....


Fingers crossed for dry weather at least. I'm helping out with a fund-raising event in the vet's back garden for local hedgehog rescue. He's been working hard to get his garden ready.

Jean Genie

I've been reading all the forecasts I can find and they all seem to be singing from the same hymn sheet ! They all can't be wrong can they ? Or can they ......... best of the weather S. east . I'm moving .

Alina W

I can do east, but not south!

Alina W

We were supposed to have a dry day today, and it's tiddling down.

I'm not holding my breath for the weekend


well today it is suny and bright again but much warmer than the last few days.. wind has died down and it feels like summer (hope not jinxed it) will be out in the garden later once i have done house work so hope it lasts as it really does lift your spirits when the sun is out.

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