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Hi all - guess where I live 

I'm a new member but already I've seen posts that are so much help to me.  Hubby bought me a greenhouse for my 50th a few years ago and though I've managed a few things I've lost a lot - seeds and plugs mainly - and don't feel I'm using it to its full potential.  I'm going to try sotongeoff's reply above.


Can you old Beeb threaders remember this,

 Well I finally got round to doing the other chair,  it was green just the same as the first one



Lovely colours, what paint did you use?


Hi Kate,  all I used was a "match pot" paint and equal amount of PVA glue and a tiny bit of water,  give it a good mix up and off you go I use Wilkinson's paint but you can use any,  it's had 2 coats as the first one is a bit streaky but I have enough to give it another one,  it's outside in the sun drying so it will get a final one when it's totally dry.

Lawnmower Chris

Hi Folks, has anyone else been disappointed with plug plants this year.

I bought geranium & busy lizzie plugs. The geranium's haven't bulked up & the busy lizzies are almost non existent!!



Hi LMChris

Yes, I mentioned that in my post just above 

I contacted the nursery from where I bought them - not because I felt they were substandard but for some advice as I'm a novice with plugs.  Basically they said the weather conditions was probably to blame was my first time buying them but I've lost a lot and the few remaining ones are struggling.  I think I've given plugs up as a bad job and will just have to pay garden centre prices   regards


i had 600 small plugs from Mr Fothergill, petunia, verbena, lobelia, antirrhinum and i only lost about half a dozen. they were planted into cell trays and kept in the greenhouse (no heating but bubble wrapped) until they were big enough to put out in pots and baskets and some in the garden, considering how wet its been they aren't doing too bad but i am hoping we might get some better weather soon

Rain love the colour of the 'other' chair.

Hi little-ann, long time no-see.


hi how are you are you, still over the border. I didnt know you were still posting on this board, i got a bit fed up with the constant carping on the bbc board so dont post very often but its nice to 'see' you


Emma Crawforth

Hello Rainjustlearning,

Your chairs look great and thanks for telling us about the paint mix you used. Definitely one that is worth trying at home!

Emma team


Thanks Emma,  it's a lot cheaper than buying some new chairs and you can if you want change the colour every year if you get board with them.

Hello Rain is it a match-pot of emulsion paint or gloss paint? I'd like to paint some plastic tubs that are looking faded.

where's july in the garden? or did they shut down the lemonade stand?

Caz W

Hi Brenda, I've had good results on chairs and tubs with Masonry paint .  Its good on plastic & terracota - everything's pink at the moment!



Message for Sotongeoff,  Geoff,  the new series of Merlin has been advertised on the Beeb as coming soon so I guess sometime in November,  keep a look out for it.

Geoff currently has man flu and is languishing on the Forkhandles thread.

Hi all, An update on my pumpkins (first time I've ever grown them), the first one was coming along nicely when a pidgeon took a fancy to it!!! However, I had another little beauty on the same plant, its not huge but hey it's my first go.  My little veggie patch (very little) has produced some brill runners, mixed salad leaves, beetroot and courgettes.  May enlarge it next year.  Happy gardening. x

flowering rose

glad to hear your doing so well.It s lovely to hear people getting interested in their gardens how ever big or small.Not many people in my area care about  growing veg .I think they are missing out on pleasure of growing your own food the freshness.Take apples ,I grow mine and in autumn collect from boxes "free" apples left at the roadside.The scent and taste are far better than shop ones and I no longer buy from the supermarket.(I  know this year to be a bit of disaster). good luck with your gardening.