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I thought tea bags had some sort of plasticy stuff in them to stop the bag disintegrating when boiling water was poured on them. I don't bother composting them any more.


I've started a gardening blog -

(I hope it's OK to mention it here - if not please remove this post as I don't want break any rules or upset anyone)


well i will follow your blog


OK by me, but I'm a newbie and don,t know the rules.

Off to check your blog( I need all the advice I can get)


Thanks both of you! 


Hi people,

Just a quick post to introduce myself, this seems the place to do it.

I'm Mark, I've just moved house with my wife and two girls, and now have a garden with the possibility to do something with. It has been a bit neglected, and we are complete newbs, but are really looking forward to learning how to get something out of our garden. Would like to have an all purpose garden the kids can use to play, we can use to relax, and would really love to grow some of our own food.

Hopefuly, we'll get lots of good advice on here and we won't annoy you too much with inane questions and you will all keep me right when I'm posting to the forums.

Looking forward to getting to know you on the forums.



Good morning and welcome Markh 

Don't worry about asking inane questions - we like showing off    so just ask away - after all, if you don't get the basics right the rest isn't going to work is it?  

Looking forward to hearing all about your garden - and don't worry about posting, it's quite simple - or it usually is, the board has been playing up a bit lately, but if in doubt hit the F5 button, or Refresh or whatever - I'm sure the techies will sort it out soon.


Hi Mark welcome, I'm new on the forums myself, only been around a couple of weeks, these forums and fun & friendly I'm sure you will get all the help and advice you need. Don't worry about posting what you might think maybe inane questions, At least you're trying to learn something new.



Hi Mark. As Dove says the site's giving a few probs just now but stick with it! There's lots of great people here with loads of experience and knowledge to help with any of your queries. I've learned loads already. The Morning and Evening forkers threads are good for catching up with what everyone's doing, or just a little bit of chat, and if you need plants identified you can put some pix on a separate thread and you'll be virtually guaranteed a reply!

Morning and welcome markh.

Esentially a garden forum there is also a lot of banter, teasing and genuine concern among us all.  

There are a couple of technical issues at moment so bear with us

Thanks everyone, sounds like I've come to the right place.

Hi everyone, I am a newbie too  - I am also on a foodie forum where one of the members recommended this forum to another poster who had a problem with his apple tree. This prompted me to join too as I have (potentially a major) problem with a Robinia Frisia overtaking my garden  

I think you lot seem about as mad as us foodies ! LOL


Urban Wildlife

Just realised I've not introduced myself, so here goes.

As you may have guessed from my nickname I'm a wildlife gardener.  I'm from Rochdale and live just outside the town center, we have a fair bit of green space around us and local community has an active Association dedicated to keeping it that way. One of our local parks just across the road is hoping to start a Friends group so I'll be involved in that as well .

My gardening background is self taught but with hugh thanks to the late Geoff Hamilton and Alan Titchmarsh my garden heroes. I used to try and grow veg at home but not enough room really so I concentrate on colour and wildlife friendly plants. The birds and squirrels get fed regularly and the small pond is slowly establishing life. I'd love it if frogs moved in so live in hope.

The garden is fully organic no pesticides or chemicals used at all, I'll post a few pics up when I get chance.  I'm hopng I can establish enough seeding plants thta I can offer seed swaps in the future .

Hello and Cheers




Hi UW, welcome. Hope to see you on the seed share soon



I'm the gardening BADMAN. Hit me up if you want to discuss gardening in and around Bristol, as this is the area where I'm most active.

looking forward to contributing to this forum,

The gardening BADMAN.


Does that mean you're not very good at gardening?

I've not been on this part of the forum before, and although I've been a member for a few weeks I've not introduced myself yet, so I'll follow the lead of those above and do it now.

My wife and I live in a village near Witney in West Oxfordshire and have pottered about the garden for fifteen or twenty years or so and are mainly self taught from Gardeners World much like Urban Wildlife.  We had a small allotment for a short while but due to poor health I had to give it up.

Having received a new kidney earleir this year courtesy of the love and generosity of my lovely wife, I've found the energy to devote much more time in our small (15' x 40') garden.  It is split into two parts; patio with flower borders and a grassed area with flower borders, small (4' x 4') greenhouse and relaxer swing.  We've bought more new plants this year I think than in the last fifteen!  We're contemplating putting in a small pond but are very short of space.

I've been really grateful to and impressed by the kindness of people on this site and how freely they impart their knowledge in answer to my questions, no matter how basic.

Best wishes,



Welcome Eynsham Red   You live in a lovely part of the world.  

So glad to hear that your health is improved - friends of mine went through a similar proceedure a few years ago and the improvment in his quality of life is remarkable - and his wife and children's anxiety about his health is much lessened.  

I look forward to hearing more about your garden, and in particular the projected pond - we are also trying to find room for a small wildlife pond in our garden over the next year 

Thank you Dove.  I see from your profile that you live in the same place as my daughter and son in-law.  They are budding gardeners too but have a small strip of a garden which is surrounded by tall buildings and so only get a tiny bit of sun during the day, and they are rather challenged when it comes to growing anything.